National Merit

<p>Does anyone know approximately how many National Merit scholarships Chicago awards each year, and how much money? The competition looks tough because I know they get a ton of semifinalist applicants.</p>

<p>EDIT: I probably should have posted this in the admissions counselor thread. Graah.</p>

<p>We award $1000 to national merit finalists with no need, and $2000 to national merit finalists with financial need. We don't restrict the number of awards we give out. Make sure to list us as your first choice with the national merit people. That's their rule, not ours.</p>

<p>per year or once? </p>

<p>and is that in addition to whatever the national merit corporation awards?</p>

<p>Thanks, Libby!</p>

<p>It's great to know that because I know that a lot of finalists receive no money at all.</p>

<p>The national merit people actually don't award money themselves, they just give lists to colleges to provide money. We happen to sponsor national merit awards, whereas the colleges kismine is thinking of do not.</p>

<p>The National Merit website actually says otherwise:</p>

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<p>It says that some finalists get $2500 scholarships from the national merit people themselves, and some others get college-sponsored or corporate-sponsored scholarships. The rest don't get anything. Plus, the UChicago website says the school sponsors "a number" of these scholarships. That's why I thought that Chicago might not guarantee scholarships to all finalists.</p>