National Scholars and Calhoun

<p>I was told through the national scholars office they will be making final decisions this week. That might mean they are also sending out Calhoun Honors college decisions, i dont know. If anyone hears from them, here's your chance to let it be known.</p>

<p>also, if anyone applied for these, why not put your stats and what you think your chances are.</p>

<p>National Scholars should get notified via Overnight Courier the end of this week or beginning of the next. Honors College via email as early as of February 4th and thru the 15th. (At least based the past).</p>

<p>My son got into Clemson, he is OOS but got a $14,000 scholarship so far, not instate tuition though. If he gets into the Honors program, will there be more scholarship money? A friend of his that goes there got $4,000 more when he got into honors. So far though, Clemson is less than Auburn and Alabama as far as scholarship money offered.</p>

<p>it doesnt seem like they give out a ton of money to out of state kids past the OOS waiver. maybe im wrong tho</p>

<p>Besides the elite National Scholars, </p>

<p>There’s a bunch of scholarships: [Clemson</a> Scholarships](<a href=“]Clemson”></p>

<p>You won’t hear until April on most of these.</p>

<p>well Clemson is primarily a school for the residents of South Carolina so hopefully most of the financial aid money is helping the students in-state who need it (just my opinion)</p>

<p>I applied for National Scholars/Calhoun Honors. I’ve not a clue what my chances are…</p>

<p>Out of State - I’m from Iowa, if that counts for anything
ACT - 34
National Merit Semifinalist
AP Scholar with Honors
Local Honors in National Chemistry Olympiad Test
GPA: 4.0 UW/ 4.36 W
Rank: 3/513 weighted
Presidential Academic Award
National Honor Society
Debate Secretary - lots of national/local awards
Political volunteer w/ local and state leadership
Church volunteer
lots of other little clubs/awards that don’t matter</p>

<p>anyone else with similar stats?</p>

<p>My Daughter about the same. 34 ACT, 3.975 UW, National Merit Semi-Finalist, no AP instead two years of Dual enrollment at 4 year college, OOS: Georgia. Similar EC’s.</p>

<p>My son heard today he is a finalist for the National Scholars program and is admitted to Calhoun.</p>

<p>How’d they send it this year?</p>

<p>It came by FEDEX yesterday for my D.</p>

<p>do we know how many are invited?</p>

<p>Congratulations! We aren’t expecting a National Scholars, but I think my son would be admitted into honors, who knows, Fed Ex wouldn’t want to get down my driveway today!</p>

<p>Hopefull and Coll, what are your kid’s stats if you don’t mind sharing?</p>

<p>D’s gpa w is 4.45 uw 3.92. Sat 720 CR 660 M 800 Wr 32 ACT
lots of volunteer/ecs vp of national honor society, co-captian of mock trial team,</p>

<p>Her stats are great, similar to my son’s. There is a young man from our high school who had stats similar to my sons and even higher in the class rank and wasn’t nominated for this, so there must be other hooks, like your daughter must have some cool EC’s…That’s why I figured my son would not be nominated…so happy for you though!!!:)</p>

<p>There were 37 students named NSP finalists for this year based on a count of the list our son was emailed. The NSP weekend is scheduled for the last weekend of February.</p>

<p>Son received a FedEx package as well as an e-mail informing him that he should have received a FedEx package on Wednesday 19 January. E-mail was sent to son’s email he had provided on application.</p>

<p>Congratulations! If your son is not named a NSP, does he still get like a second place scholarship? To just be nominated, does that translate into a minimum scholarship and if he is named he gets a bigger one? s your son really interested, or is he fielding some other nice offers?</p>

<p>I don’t think that there’s a second place scholarship. However, considering your son is a NSP finalist, he will definitely get a OOS waiver and an additional scholarship as well (I have no idea how much it will be). The problem I’ve seen on this board is that Clemson’s offer to high caliber students that don’t get into National Scholars is often not enough to compete with other colleges such as Auburn or Alabama.</p>