National Singapore University and Nanyang Technological University

Hi, I’m a junior at a USA high school and i’m interested in studying in Singapore as an option since I have family over there.

I want to major in biochem/biosciences. At the end of this year I am taking 2 AP tests (Stats and Chem) I already got a 5 on bio last year.

Extracurricular: xc and track team captain, advanced peer counselor, and work a job as a mentor for elementary school students

What would be the minimum qualifications for NSU and NTU for an american student besides:

  • 1250 SAT score
  • 3 AP tests with 5, 5, 4

What GPA would I have a good shot with?
Would it be okay that I am only taking stats and not calc? I qualified for and competed at the USABO if that helps. This year I am trying to get to IBO.

Thank you!

I don’t know much about NTU but I heard from my peers that if you go to the international science olympiad, you don’t need to sit entrance exams, i.e. your are exempt. I have a friend who went to IBO and got into NTU without outstanding marks.

i had a doubt about the international olympiads tho… there are tons of intl math olympiads… which particular one is needed for NUS OR NTU