National Spelling Bee -- and we can play along!

My son introduced me to this time sink. ESPN is airing the spelling bee, and they have a link where you can guess the spelling before the spellers do. I’m sorry that you will now waste a lot of time playing.

Fun! Maybe someone who happens to be in government should spend a little time practicing spelling. :slight_smile:

Saw a news story today where Google listed the word that garnered the most how to spell searches by state. For a few states the word was beautiful. For Wisconsin, the word was Wisconsin -lol.

I saw that! As a Wisconsinite I find it hard to believe!

@“Youdon’tsay” I am desperately trying to unsee your post. I already waste too much time, and now I feel myself drawn to your link…must…not…click…must…fight…inner…nerd…

@Shrmpngrtz you know you want to …

“Covfefe” - May I have the definition, language of origin and any alternate pronunciations?


The more I age, the more I know there are children smarter than me. However, tonight’s feature on the CBS Evening News on the 6 year old competing was really intimidating! Unfortunately, that precious little Edith is now out. She will be fun to watch in the future.

I saw that, too. I can’t believe that she just turned 6 last month.