National Student Leadership Conference

<p>I was invited to it last year but didn't follow through (first, it's expensive, and I was advised not to waste the money by teachers)...and they sent me another invitation around a week ago. I think it was a week, anyway.</p>

<p>How good is the program? Is it worth the $2000 it costs? Have any of you been to it? How good will it look on a college application, considering I have no leadership (student council, elected position) positions so far?</p>

<p>The program is OK, but not worth the $2000. It is not exclusive, as far as invitations go -- so it does not mean much on your college app, just that your parents were willing to pay for it.</p>

<p>i hear that program is worthless</p>

<p>i went to NSLC on medicine 2 summers ago, it was alright, it gets you thinking about if medicine is what you want to do in life...</p>

<p>but i went to NYLF (National Youth Leadership Program) on Medicine last summer and it was MUCH better. it really put becoming a doctor into perspective. so many med students talked to us, so many great lectures, i even got to go in on a surger in New England Medical Center. also you make great friends and get a mild glimpse into what college life may be like (like having a roomate and such).</p>

<p>i would def. recommend NYLF, not so much NSLC</p>


<p>also NYLF seems to look goon on app, depending on where you apply.</p>

<p>i am applying to Muhlenberg College ED, and on one their profile for their Freshman class they list that 10 students have went to NYLF MED under a category listing accomplishments of their students. so obviously its something that appealed to the admissions people ;)</p>

<p>Nah none of them really look so great on your application. Nearly anyone who is interested in college receives one of those invitations: they're looking to make money above anything else.</p>

<p>Finally something I can comment on-I went to NSLC's law program. It was very informative-opened up aspects of law to me because I had never actually thought about it nor the process of trials. The leadership aspect wasn't very strong, which is odd because the program name is National Student Leadership Conference. Don't get me wrong-they did have some workshops and projects relating to leadership and on leadership, but most of the focus was on law.</p>

<p>As to the nomination and selectivity-I'm not sure how selective it is at all. Many people at my school never received an invitation to it-and it did say I was nomianted, though I do not know who would have nominated me.</p>

<p>That's my thoughts for today-too much thinking.</p>

<p>Oh out of curiosity for those applying to Stanford-would NSLC count as an academic summer program?</p>

<p>Personally.. I would never, ever go to NSLC.. first they send me a letter saying that I was "nominated" by my teachers (even though my name had a mispelling in it that I made on the PSAT) -- then they invite me to a $2500 conference (with no-mention of money until the end of the brochure), -- then I get a letter from a college saying how "good it looks" to have NSLC on an app...</p>

<p>..completely shameless... I refuse to pay for my credentials.. but hey, for $2500, you can look good to colleges too!</p>

<p>I went to NSLC. First of all, it's not buying credenitals.</p>

<p>I had a lot of fun, I went to International Diplomacy...we had some broad lectures on IR theory, did a lot of Model Security Council, and visited all kinds of awesome DC places (State Department, OAS, monuments, Arlington, etc).</p>

<p>So that was a lot of fun. It's just a good experience to go off somewhere alone, stay in the dorms, meet new people and be exposed to new things. How that is paying for credentials...I don't know.</p>

<p>NSLC isn't bad...but i definately don't think it's worth the money. There are tons of those programs..."Global youth leadership conference" "national high school honor scolars" blah blah blah whatever i get them all the time but they charge so much.</p>

<p>furthermore, getting these invitations is DEFINATELY not selective. First of all, there is no "nomination" because anyone can simply go on the company webpage and sign up. First come first serve...</p>

<p>Perhaps I wasn't clear what I meant when I said "paying for credentials." I was really annoyed by a letter I got, shortly after recieving my NSLC invite, from some college saying "how good it looks to have programs like NSLC on your resume." I resent how they were playing on people's college insecruities and trying to profit from it....</p>