National University Of Singapore- HELP!

so i'm a senior in an american high school and i want to to go to NUS (national university of singapore). I have taken 6 ap exams thus far and am currently taking 7 ap courses and will take their exams in the spring. The NUS admissions page says that i only need 3 ap's with a four or more in each- so far, i have one 5, four 4's, and a 3. should i mention all of these? also, the admissions page says that i dont need to put my sat score- i have a 1970 right now and i should receive my new scores in a few weeks ( hopefully 2100+)- but would it be preferred if i did and would my current score be a decent contender? Furthermore, the application is rather complicated and i do not quite comprehend the "final exams" aspect. Are they asking for my transcript? do i even need to send it? if anybody has any answers, it would be greatly appreciated</p>