Native American asking what his chances are???

<p>colleges: pomona, wash u in st louis, duke, vanderbilt, northwestern, tufts, boston college, princeton and dartmouth (maybe brown)</p>

<p>Native American citizenship
-School: Public, but not totally crappy
-GPA: 3.8 weighted
-ACT: 30
-SAT 2: havn't gotten them back yet but probably in the 700s for physics math 2 and French
-Ranked: top 25% </p>

-Full IB diploma
-IB French, Spanish, and Lit
-college credit math class and history class at P(ortland)SU</p>

<p>Other Stuff:
-Honor Roll all of High School
-Student Athlete award all three years
-National Honor Society(Inducted as a junior) Tutoring director, tutoring kids every other day
-Spanish Honor Society
-French Honor Society
-Played Varsity Soccer 2 years (2 Letters, JV twice)
-Founder and president (chief) of my school's Native American Club junior year
-French club member 3 years, one of which I was the activities director
-Volunteered at a youth soccer camp for a summer
-Club soccer all year. Team is top 5 in Oregon
-Model United nations 2 years
-Key Club member 2 years
-volunteer at Nature conservancy and Friends of the Columbia Gorge
-This summer I'll be interning with one of the top cardiologists regionally
-Link Crew (mentor for incoming freshmen throughout year)</p>

<p>Good recommendations (I think)
-History teacher and Native American club advisor who loves me
-NHS advisor who sees me tutor every other day</p>

-starter of a waxing snowboard and ski for two winters
-starter of a lawn mowing and bark dust spreading business one summer
-Helping Native Americans sell fish to top restaurants on the East Coast
-Law paralegal for 2 years</p>

<p>Essay about my dad developing cancer my sophomore summer</p>

<p>Pretty bad grades and test scores, and your ECs arent anything special. But then again, you are a native american, so...</p>

<p>unfortunately the above poster is probably correct...but u still have time to improve ur standardized test scores...that would improve ur chances considerably
u r are rising senior right?</p>

<p>please chance me back <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>"Founder and president (chief) of my school's Native American Club junior year"
I LOL'd</p>

<p>But yea, NA status should help you a lot. That being said, Princeton will still be a big reach, but you'll be in the game for the others.</p>

<p>if ik what your unweighted GPA was i'd be able to tell u...i think what I'm beginning to realize myself is that for undergrad...go for the experience, enjoy it, but most importantly that's the place to work your hardest because what Grad. School you go to is most important</p>

<p>there are tons of schools to go to and not going to an ivy doesn't mean you aren't as smart as people going to ivys...u may have better social skills that will benefit you more than a more prestigious education in the future</p>

<p>don't be disappointed if you don't get into ivys and the other top schools, but also don't stop trying for them</p>

<p>You have great EC's, and your URM status should help a lot. It might help your chances to see if you can get a couple points higher on the ACT, though! :)</p>

<p>whats wrong with my EC in particular? too basic? im a leader in three of them and started one.</p>

<p>let me know how i can be improve :)</p>

<p>nothing buddy...around here u have to recognize that there are plenty of overachievers and other people that think you have to do "x" to get into a certain college when you really only need to do "y" so basically we are all clueless and just trying to help each other out...u have a solid resume and you just have to hope that the right people look at it at the right time</p>

<p>I don't think anything is wrong with your EC's. People fail to realize that not everyone can be in the New York Symphony or an all American athlete. I personally think you have very solid ECs, and your involvement in the Native American Club will give you another little boost along with your URM status.
Best of luck, my advice is to keep working on the academics factor of admissions and pour your heart out into your essays. Good luck!</p>