Native American

<p>How beneficial is putting Native American?</p>

<p>Also when a school says they have like .2% Native American population, would that include me if I am Caucasian and Native American? (As in, do you have to be full Native American to be considered in their stats)</p>

<p>One other thing.. my sats are pretty low.. 1330.. and i want to do early decision to duke.. Would it be better to do regular decision? Everything else is good just not my sats..</p>

<p>it depends on the school, some require 1/8, while others require 1/4, some require you to have documental proof, others don't, some will check up on it, other's don't, some require you to be active in the tribe, other's dont, however it's a HUGE plus, and you would get in anywhere you wanted to</p>

<p>check out the duke early decision roster in the duke unversity forum located on the main page! post your stats =)</p>

<p>ED is usually to your advantage, unless you need time to improve grades, write essays, etc. I think you might need some official document to be counted as native american. And it's a HUGE plus, as there are so few in top schools.</p>