Native American...

My counselor seems to be under the impression that I qualify to check off both the Native American and caucasian boxes on my application as my race. However, I don’t believe there is “enough” Native American in my blood for me to qualify. If anyone would care to provide their opinion, here’s the situation…
My great-grandmother was a Native American, is this enough to qualify me? I’m thinking that the answer is no but I figured I’d throw it out here anyway.


<p>1/8 is generally the national consensus, but some programs/scholarships requires 1/4 (maybe?)</p>

<p>but in general 1/8 is the minimum.</p>

<p>This doesn't answer your exact question, as it is geared toward financial aid/scholarships and not applications, but it gives a lot of good information about what is required and has some good links for other information. </p>

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<p>The blood quotient for each tribe is different. I would probably go by whether or not the tribe considers you a member as to whether you can claim it.</p>

<p>My grandfather was Native American, making me 1/4th, but I'm choosing not to mark the box for several reasons.</p>

<p>the best indicator is whether or not you affiliate with a tribe and you're active in it, but, it depends on the school for how much native american, a lot of schools do a background check to make sure you have the right blood quotient</p>