Natty Haz, Yale's hardest class

<p>From a recent interview with
SI: What is the toughest class you've taken at Yale?
Hughes: It was a class called natural hazards and it was supposed to be a good class and that's why I took it. It was earthquakes and tornados and hurricanes. But since it was a geology and geo-physics class, it turned out to be one of the most difficult ones because there was calculus and physics and chemistry every week in the homework. And we had homework due every Friday night online at 11:59 p.m. So at 10:45 I was sitting in front of the computer trying to figure out what to write.</p>

<p>That's sarah hughes by the way. I thought this was funny since she's come up in a few threads about celebrity students at Yale.</p>

<p>ahahaha, Natty Haz... a couple of my suitemates took that this year and got killed by it. of course, as the token science major in our suite, i ended up tutoring them for the homework...</p>

<p>i think it was actually billed as/was supposed to be a gut class this year (or a group IV for non-group-IV majors) but the profs decided to make it a lot harder... after the schedule submission deadline.</p>

<p>Yeah I hear the prof got ****ed after the YDN article about gut classes focused on Natty Haz... apparently the next day during lecture the professor threatened to send anyone who talked straight to Ex Comm. But Hughes took the class before it got hard :) I guess she's not a science person either</p>