Naval Academy Admissions Process

Hey guys. I’m new here, so I’ll try to make it frank. I’ve done a lot of research, but I just want to make sure of this. Currently, I am 15 years old and a sophomore in high school and I will be 16 this year. Since I will be turning 17 in my senior year of high school, does that mean I will be applying for congressional nominations during that year? Also, when would I be turning my preliminary application in high school? I’m confused and I need some help. Thanks.

-I know I’m repeating this, but I really need some help.

  1. You apply for nominations generally starting in the SUMMER AFTER Junior year, and DURING THE FALL OF SENIOR YEAR, as most nomination interviews occur sometime in the fall/early winter of 12th grade. During the fall of your Junior year, most Congressional Districts have Academy/ROTC days, where they will hold basic information sessions about applying to Service Academies/ROTC scholarships. Attending these give you a great opportunity to interact with congressional military liaisons before even applying for nominations.

As for your age, you can apply for nominations even if you are still 16 during the beginning of Senior year. The age condition for USNA is that you will be at least 17 and no older than 23 by the time you actually report for Induction Day, which is of course the summer after you graduate high school.

  1. Preliminary Application: The preliminary application usually opens in mid to late January of your Junior year. If you desire, you can apply to the Naval Academy Summer Seminar, for which application opens at the same time. IMO, this is a better decision, as you could very well get into NASS, but even if you didn't, the Summer Seminar app counts as the preliminary application. ( NA Summer Seminar has very little bearing on the actual application to USNA. I was rejected from Summer Seminar, but was still accepted to USNA)

IF you choose NOT to apply to Summer Seminar, USNA Admissions has a separate link on their website for the preliminary application, which will ask for some very basic, self reported stats(i.e. GPA, Test Scores). If your preliminary application is approved by USNA admissions, they will email/mail you an official candidate package. This will give you a code to access the actual online USNA application, and give you contact info for your Blue and Gold Officer. You can start the actual application as soon as the official candidate package arrives.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for replying. I just have 2 questions. How is it possible to apply for nominations even if I’m still 16? I thought the minimum age to apply for nominations is 17. Do I have to be 17 when I start the application for nominations or when I get a nomination?

My second question is: My graduation year of high school is 2018. What would be my Class of ?? for USNA?

Thanks so much.

If your graduation year is 2018, you would be class of 2022 for any college(incl. USNA).

You are still eligible to apply for nominations even if you are 16. When I applied for nomination, the only age specific question was “Will you 17 years old by July 1 of the year you are admitted to an academy” You can be 16 both when starting the nomination application, and when you receive a nomination. The only condition is that you must be at least 17 when you enter USNA on July 1st.

Thank you so much. Very helpful!