Naval Academy Courses

I am going to be a plebe this coming year and I am trying to prepare for validation tests. Does anyone have any notes or essays from the two history classes HH215 or HH216. Also, if anyone has physics and/or chemistry notes that would also be much appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>DCorBust – You’re treading a fine line with the Honor Code with a question like this. The academics at the Academy are nothing to mess with. If these topics are not part of your general knowledge it will come back to bit you in the future. Remember, no one on the Yard is on the – Five Year Plan. I’d suggest that you study to familiarize yourself with what you already know and leave it at that. If you don’t pass then you need to take the class. Seriously, think about the spirit of this post, the Honor Code and your development as a leader. Would this be an acceptable request for an Ensign or Lieutenant to ask? - “Hey Captain, can you give me your notes on how to survive this fire fight, it’s really important, my men’s lives depend on me knowing what to do…”</p>

<p>I was waiting for somebody else to chime in; thanks robusto.</p>

<p>DCorBust's intentions are misplaced. Teh point of validation tests is to determine the appropriate classes in which you should be placed. [The honor code issue is probably not a big deal; he is only asking for the notes from a person who attended the referenced classes. He is not asking for a copy of the exam.] BUT, if you do not, by now, possess the body of knowledge to justify your placement in the higher level classes, then you shouldn't be in those classes. Period.
This is analagous to those who take a lot of SAT prep courses, score higher, get admitted to an Ivy League college and THEN realize they simply shouldn't be in that level of school. [Yeah, yeah, save your argument that the SAT isn't a good predictor for another forum.]</p>

<p>You either have or don't have the body of knowledge needed to succeed in other than entry level chemistry/phsyics/history classes.<br>
Just show up and do what you are told to do.</p>

<p>Well said Willie n Roberto aka "The Great One" #21 ... but I digress.</p>

<p>The lessons are apparent and important. Most of all, recognizing, DCorBust, "You ain't in Kansas anymore!" The point being this is NOT Secular U. and the differences are 2 and monumental:</p>

<li><p>Honor and honesty COUNT! Character is not a beauty contest here. Ultimately, it's about trust and potentially, life and death. </p></li>
<li><p>You risk damaging your performance trying to run a 4 minute mile when you're not sur you can finish a 440, whatever the time.</p></li>

<p>Don't do this. NOW is the time to get right, or at least better. Step out of the cow pie, clean off your shoe and ego, and do it "right." And retain this lesson always, remembering correction is only merited and given to those of great promise. That's you.</p>