Naval Academy Foundation

<p>I was recently sponsored by the Naval Academy Foundation. They are going to pay the majority of the tuition for me to attend a prep school for one year. Then, I am suppossed to have a high chance of receiving a Naval Academy appointment. If there is anyone out there who is in the same boat as me or has anything to say about the foundation and their experience with it, i'd love to hear about it from you</p>

<p>If you complete the prep school curriculum with all A's and B's you are guaranteed an appointment. I am aware of one Foundation student who received a C- in a Calculus class this year and was deferred by the academy until they see his final transcript.</p>

<p>the foundation folks will be the first to tell you that "you have a seat in the class of is yours to lose."</p>

<p>Work hard, study hard, make the best of your foundation year- it will pay off academically, physically and mentally- the key is not to lose focus and to work your butt off.</p>

<p>The system works- trust it.
as for C's.... A's and B's are preferred, but if you do end up with a "C" just be sure there is a good "teachers evaluation" along with it, indicating you are working hard, doing every assignment and attending extra help.... a good report is very important from EVERY teacher you have.... so be sure to put your best foot forward and keep it there!</p>

<p>ps... no "deltas" or "foxtrots".... make sure of that!</p>

<p>Congratulations to your selection for Foundations- obviously you have something the USNA likes, enough so that the alumni are supporting your appointment to the class of 2012!!!! Do them (and you) proud!</p>