Naval Academy Foundation

<p>I talked to my BGO last night, he said that the admissions board recommened me for the Naval Academy Foundation, which I would gladly accept. But I was hoping anyone has in insight into the program, and also the odds of getting the scholarship. Also am wondering what the recommendation by the board means? Does it give me more of a chance of getting the foundation scholarship? Also does it mean that I will not get an appointment this year? And when do you find out about the scholarships?</p>

<p>Applications for the Foundation Scholarships usually go out in January. My son received an application last year and it indicated that 800+ are usually recommended by the Academy. That does not mean that the Foundation will send out that many applications right away. If you do receive an application and are interested, fill it out right away and send it back. They will accept qualified applicants for scholarship as they are received. It does not mean that you will not qualify for a direct appointment to USNA. My son received his appointment last year after being recommended for a Foundation Sponsorship. It does mean that USNA feels that you are a strong candidate but may possibly not be the top ranking candidate on your congressional slate. The Foundation Sponsorship pretty much guarantees you an appointment the next year contingent on your performance in prep school. The scholarships are awarded based entirely on need. You can receive a sponsorship but not a scholarship in which case you would be responsible for your expenses during the prep school year. Hope this helps.</p>