Naviance/Common App Teacher Recommendation Issue

<p>I asked three teachers to write my recommendation but some colleges only accept 2. Will I be able to choose reach recommendations I want to use? My Naviance is linked the Common App.</p>

<p>Thank you</p>

<p>My son is homeschooled so none of his recommenders use Naviance so I’m not sure if this reply will be correct for Naviance users. With my son’s common app, he said he has to “invite” the recommender for each of the schools to which he is applying. This allows him the flexibility to choose who he wants to use as his recommender for each school as well as how many recommenders he uses. I hope it’s the same for Naviance users.</p>

<p>@davenmame I am not sure but I hope I will given the same flexibility! Thank you!</p>

<p>You will not. It will be first two teachers submitted recommendations to that college. </p>

<p>Another thread said you can ask as many teachers as you’d like, and pick and choose recommendations for each college when you are using the Common App.</p>

<p>Considering my son is targeting eight schools, it would be a huge hassle if his teachers had to submit for each college he applies to.</p>

<p>That will not work if linked to Naviance. </p>

<p>After writing my teacher LOR I upload to Naviance and then I have to submit. The student’s list of school will appear and I check boxes and then those schools receive my LOR.</p>

<p>Here is what you should be aware of: Suppose a school requests one GC and one teacher. Student A asks myself, a Math teacher and another teacher, of English, to write letters. Whichever teacher goes to submit letter first will be accepted. The second teacher will be “grayed out” meaning that there is no additional box to check and the materials can not be sent to that college.</p>

<p>My school and my D’s school both make students send teachers a sheet listing the colleges that teacher should check. Sometimes teachers just check every box and the second teacher gets blocked out. This can cause an issue for a student applying to a special program who really wants one teacher’s letter over another.</p>

<p>Naviance adheres to the individual colleges max number and WILL limit additional materials.</p>