Naviance vs Common App

Whats the difference between common app and naviance. And where do I submit my college application

The common app is an application used by most colleges. You use it to apply to colleges that use it. You will find this info on how to apply on the college websites.

Naviance is a tool that can help you target schools. The data it has might be able to show you the stats other students from YOUR HS had when applying to certain colleges…and whether they were accepted…or not. Usually there have to be more than a certain number of students who applied in the past so that the applicants are not personally identifiable.

To find out what colleges want for applications…and the DEADLINES…check the college websites. All of tha information is there,

Not every high school has Naviance. Check with your HS guidance counselor.

@potatoman123 Be aware that many colleges do not use the Common App and have their own applications, such as the public universities in California, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, NC State, MIT, the military academies, etc. Do you have a high school counselor who can answer some of your college-related questions?

Naviance is also used by some high schools to submit materials from the school, like recommendation letters. The actual application from you does not go through Naviance.

Our school have naviance and counselor advises us to ensure it captures all the applications we have submitted whether it is Common Application or colleges’ own proprietary systems. Treat Naviance as a central database of all our applications so that school can check it to send each and every school transcript or letters of recommendation on your behalf.


You need to go and talk to the guidance folks at your high school. They will be able to answer your questions AND show you these things.

@tintinhope, our kids’ HS used Naviance to track where our kids applied and the due dates for materials, but the actual application was not in Naviance, nor was it available to the GC in any way.

I think you have more accurate technical info. Apologize! Agree the actual application is not in Naviance. We are asked however to ensure the list in Naviance reflects all applications submitted so that school will base on Naviance to send material on our behalf.

use both

A newer feature of these two programs is that they link together for document sharing. That may be why the OP is a little confused.

Yes, and high schools have choices of which Naviance features to enable. So the OP really need to talk to their GC.