Navy Recon

<p>How's this for Navy Recon?.....</p>

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<p>(courtesy of USNAAAGWC)</p>



<p>Still not as good as when some enterprising Midshipmen turned this:</p>

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<p>into this:</p>

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<p>in one night without anyone noticing.</p>

<p>I think all those guys should be granted billets at BUDS so they can become SEALs. They certainly have the cojones for it!</p>



<p>As they say, The BEST of the Best!......</p>

<p>Zaphod: that plane was an amazing masterpiece! Our son has a HS classmate at USAFA- who told him the place went NUTS when this happened- everyone put on alert- an all-out manhunt for the perpetrators!!! Too funny- depending on which side you are on!!</p>

<p>LOL - Brilliant! Navy2010, I'm getting a few good ideas for the Go Navy Beat Army Xmas tree this coming year thanks to MamaS. Its gonna be bigger & better than last year!! Will post photos again! LOL
GO NAVY!!</p>

<p>Just one word of advice to all you soon-to-be mids...</p>

<p>Recons are fun, but please domn't make them destructive. If what you're doing cannot be quickly repaired, leaving nothing but photographs and memories behind, please don't do it.</p>

<p>You guys may know that the tops of the academic buildings at USNA are sheathed in copper. Some mids think it's fun to go up there with a can of brasso and polish BEAT ARMY into the copper. What they fail to realize is that getting it OFF later is impossible, and it mars the building. Same goes for the idiots who used Round Out to write "Beat Navy" in the lawn on Stribling Walk, or the others who painted a STONE monument with paint (ever try getting paint off a stone monument, even with a power washer?).</p>

<p>Keep it fun, but not destructive.</p>

<p>This, of course, will go in one ear and out the other.....</p>

<p>When was this recon done? Not this year. Commandant Allen is no longer there...He was there back in can someone check this out who knows the facts???</p>

<p>Who knows? Happens all the time.</p>

<p>It does seem that we generally get the best of them more often than they do of us, though. :D</p>

<p>...and... does it REALLY matter when it happened??... After all... It's all about "tradition"...</p>

<p>As long as we have gotten them more times than they got us...that's all that counts!!</p>

<p>GO NAVY!!!</p>