<p>Is anyone applying to the Navy SEAP program this year? Can you help me with the Academic Interests essay?</p>

<p>I got all my references and transcript and all the other stuff down, but i need help in all the essays</p>

<p>what does it mean by research experiance in relation to the program? what if i havent done much research ever?</p>

<p>I’m applying as well. All of my stuff is in officially by yesterday. How are you guys still working on the application? I thought it closed last Friday?!? Hopefully I get in. I only applied to the Naval Medical Research Center because I’m not all that interested in engineering, and I am actually hoping to do a pre-med major. It would be epic if I got this.</p>

<p>@ iamguch,
I don’t have any research experience either… I wonder how that will play in…</p>

<p>It doesn’t really seem like many CCers apply yearly, so hopefully the competition isn’t so strong.</p>

<p>Good luck all!</p>

<p>They sent an email extending applications to this friday.</p>

<p>I put my transcripts in the mail here in SC on saturday, but the flag on my mailbox is still up because our government has been shut down because supposedly 3-6 inches of snow and some black ice is a statewide state of emergency.</p>

<p>i applied for dc and flagstaff and i plan on studying law, becoming a lobbying for a while then going into the government, but i also consider medicine because im indian so it runs with the family</p>

<p>what did you write in your research section? did you leave it blank or what?</p>

<p>I heard that SEAP gets around 1800 applications a year for their 247 spots…I dont have much research experience either, and I sent my transcripts by priority mail
@ iamguch-maybe you should try FedEx if your government is shut down, cause they’ve gotta be THERE by tomorrow.
I applied to the USNA</p>

<p>i sent it off yesterday on priority, and i really hope it gets there on time</p>

<p>as for the essays, im finishing em today</p>

<p>I applied to this program too for the NRL in D.C. and Carderock, but it seems really hard to get into… Does anyone know when they will mail out acceptances/rejections?</p>

<p>I got my acceptance email for last year on March 2nd, but if it can go later than that, depending on the lab I think.</p>

<p>@AstroPhy what were youre stats?</p>

<p>Not anything impressive really; not like some of the stats that you’ll see on CC. I had three years of Science Fair experience, 2 times at ISEF, some leadership experience in starting a model rocket club, 4 years of science olympiad, good grades, and good recommendations.</p>

<p>I recommend sending additional materials to the labs you are applying to. My mentor told me that he was deciding between me and another applicant when my additional materials arrived; I got the spot.</p>

<p>that makes me feel waaaaay better about my chances. =)</p>

<p>I got a call today saying they want an interview with me. I scheduled it for this Friday. She told me their division and it has to do with earth orientation and more things that I didn’t understand… I’ll answer the “stats” question now…</p>

Taught myself Calc, testing out of it this year going to multi next year</p>

<p>I know Java C C++ and Python (don’t know how it relates to earth stuff we’ll see)</p>

<p>2 recs from my math teacher and robotics mentor</p>

<p>skipped HN Chem so now I’m in AP Chem and Physics HN</p>

<p>everything else normal with 4.2 GPA</p>

<p>SATS = bad</p>

<p>wish me luck in my interview…</p>

<p>waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Okay, I’m done complaining.
I’m actually really excited for you! Good luck! :smiley:
Hopefully something comes through for me…</p>

<p>to clarify… you’re a sophomore in college or high school?</p>

<p>High school, thanks good luck to you too! AHH!</p>

<p>Has anyone heard back from the USNA?
naji…how did your interview go?</p>

<p>I thought my interview went really well! They said I’d hear back in a week or two [:</p>

<p>Till when do they hand out interviews?
I just applied, for the sake of applying, but it doesn’t look too good for me.</p>

<p>I honestly have no idea… Some do interviews in person, some by phone, and some are just automatic email confirmations :expressionless: I’ve heard they keep going until like march or april >.> beats me.</p>