Navy vs. Stanford

<p>Hopefully this year's Stanford game won't be a shootout like last years game.</p>

<p>Details are availabel in The Capital:</p>

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<p>Game Information
Saturday, Sept. 16
Navy at Stanford
Stanford Stadium
Palo Alto, Calif</p>

<p>Game Day Data
Navy (2-0) will travel to Palo Alto, Calif. to take on the Stanford Cardinal (0-2) at the newly-renovated Stanford Stadium (50,000) Saturday night. Kickoff is set for 10 p.m. (EST). Stanford held off Navy 41-38 last year in Annapolis. The Mids enter the game with a chance to improve to 3-0 on the season for just the third time in the last 26 years.</p>

<p>9 p.m. air time
Listen to the game live:
WBAL-AM 1090, Baltimore, Md. - <a href="*"&gt;*&lt;/a>
WNAV-AM 1430, Annapolis, Md. - <a href="*"&gt;*&lt;/a>
Sirius Satellite Radio -- channel 152</p>

<p>Note: Broadcast live online.</p>

<p>Thanks for the live radio frequencies. Not easy on the West Coast trying to get anything live. Sounds like an unbelievable game.</p>

<p>I agree, socal! Awesome game! Thanks, Great American! I am lisntening to WBAL and watching the Gametracker on CSTV. Great combination!</p>

<p>Navy 37, Stanford 9</p>

<p>Another great win for Navy. Details:</p>

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<p>momof1, Hubby and I were doing the exact same thing! Nice to know we're not the only newly-turned-fanatics about Navy football!! :-)</p>

<p>I was at that game!!! Had seats in a crowd of blue and gold right next to the midshipmen =) AMAZING game!!!! After each touchdown 5-6 mids would do air pushups. By the end everyone was chanting, "this is our house". What a way to christen the new Stanford stadium!</p>

<p>Nice! Sounded like many Navy players got to take their turn on the field, too. :)</p>

<p>My husband and I were there to witness it!!! My son is in Drum & Bugle and we went to the tailgate and game and got to spend 2 nights with our Plebe (Hoorah!). The game was wonderful and Navy Fans outnumbered the Stanford Fans by the end of the 3rd Quarter!</p>

<p>The pregame show with the Navy Seals "Leap Frogs" was unbelievable! And due to the detention of the Stanford band, USNA's Drum & Bugle was the official band for the event!</p>

<p>All I can say is HOOAH!!!</p>

<p>GO NAVY!!! BEATARMY!!!</p>

And due to the detention of the Stanford band,


<p>Detention? Ooh! Do tell! :D</p>


Detention? Ooh! Do tell!


<p>Stanford's band was put on a one month detention for destroying their band trailer with spray paint and sledge hammers.</p>


<p>Rule #1 of a recon: Don't get caught.</p>

<p>Rule #2: Be sure you do stuff to somebody ELSE'S stuff!</p>


<p>It was one of the best college football games I've been to in a long time. Navy looked good, Stanford looked bad and the Midshipmen had a great time in the stands. The "air push-ups" were the best. </p>

<p>Today there is a good article in the Stanford Daily:</p>

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<p>LOL! Boy, he sure didn't hold back, did he? :D</p>

<p>Ah...... some of the replies. :rolleyes:</p>