NB Campuses

<p>Alright, it's housing deposit crunch-time!</p>

<p>I'm attending the SAS as an undergrad and am trying to decide upon which New Brunswick campus would be the best to live on. Whilst my studies will probably focus on humanities with most of my courses near the College Ave, I was curious as to whether or not that'd actually be the best place to dorm. Sure, it's in the middle of the school and next to all the services and student centers, but it seems like it's also where all of the frat houses and parties are.</p>

<p>I don't intend to party much in college. Work comes first, and I certainly don't need to be woken up three times throughout the night by the sounds of people outside screaming at each other.</p>

<p>It looks as if the Busch campus is the most "studious", although I don't know if its distance from the SAS buildings justify that or not. Would it be reasonable to walk to my classes everyday, or how about the campus shuttles? I hear those are dreadfully slow and if you get on too early you'll be there for 20-30 minutes before reaching your destination.</p>

<p>Any suggestions?</p>

<p>the college ave dorms, from what my friends say-- are repulsive. when doing the housing application a lot of people want to live there, but then maybe halfway through the first semester people wanted to switch to busch. my dorm on busch has air conditioning, but i don’t think any of the freshman dorms on college ave. do. it might get a little distracting if you’re not into partying, because college ave is party central. the freshman who want to dorm on college ave. generally do so for the partying. also, the dining hall is small and not very good.</p>

<p>since you’re in sas, your classes could pretty much be all over the place, so whatever campus you like the most could be your first choice. i live on busch, most of my classes are on busch, and it’s easy to walk to classes (and very convenient). it usually just takes 10-15 minutes, depending where your class is. if you don’t want to take the bus to college ave. everyday for your humanities classes, you might want to consider living there, but it is really up to you and your preferences.</p>

<p>here is a site that shows all the dorms if you’d like to see it:
[Browse</a> by Campus - Facilities - Rutgers Housing & Residence Life](<a href=“http://ruoncampus.rutgers.edu/facilities/browse-by-campus]Browse”>Our Campuses – Residence Life)</p>

<p>as you’ll see, every campus is unique.</p>

<p>Hey drexeler, I am applying for spring 2012 majoring in biological sciences. Should I enroll in SEBS or SAS? I am planning on going to dental school. Also, I will be commuting with a car every day to campus. Is it true that it is impossible to get a parking spot? How are the traffic over there? I live about 20-25 minutes from there.</p>


<p>Most premed/pre-dental people that I know are in SAS. I don’t know much about either school since I’m in the school of engineering.</p>

<p>Commuters are assigned to a parking lot in which they must park in. Busch campus is supposedly very crowded since there are only a couple commuter lots, but people who have to park on Livingston haven’t really complained. The commuters I know live around 15-20 minutes away too, so you should be fine.</p>

<p>Thanks drexeler, I have a few more questions though.</p>

<p>Is it better to actually take NJ transit if you are commuting? Is it less hectic? When you get a parking permit, you are NOT guaranteed a spot right? </p>

<p>thank you again</p>

<p>I know a couple people that take the train, it would probably be more convenient if you live far away from Rutgers and close to a train station. if you have a car you wouldn’t have to carry all your belongings in your backpack for the entire day.</p>

<p>I’m not a commuter so i don’t know much about guaranteed parking, but the commuters that I know haven’t had many complaints about parking other than the fact that it does get crowded. I’d imagine that a parking spot is guaranteed.</p>