NBA Draft

<p>Why did Reddick go so low?!</p>

<p>He is small, he can't defend, he can't create his own shots, he's not very fast/athletic. Basically, he can spot up and shoot, and if someone bigger and stronger is guarding him, he is in trouble. And it doesn't help that he has back problems and a recent DUI under his belt.</p>

<p>because he's not Brandon Roy. </p>

<p>JJ lacks the full compliment of skills for a career in the NBA. </p>

<p>Besides you should be happy for him. At least he's not a Seattle Sonic. :( worst management in basketball.</p>

<p>I'm happy with what the Blazers did, but the Pistons didn't do anything. One pick and it was the last pick in the second round.</p>

<p>All these damn JJ haters are on every message board. You mark my words, he will be the most impact player out of this draft and will win the rookie of the year for 2006-07.</p>

<p>only if he can shoot 21 footers like he did 18 footers in college, otherwise, I have to admit, he won't do very well.</p>

<p>JJ Redick = next Steve Kerr.</p>

<p>The Knicks, again, blow a pick.</p>

<p>I say Tyrus Thomas, Foyle and Roy become the best 3 from this draft.</p>

<p>The Nets had great picks with the 22 and 23, Boone and whats his name, anderson?</p>

<p>Yeah. I hate JJ with a passion. He'll be an okay NBA player, probably a starter. An all-star? hardly. His shooting will keep him in the league. He's not great defensively and he's not that quick. Tyrus Thomas may be the best player in the NBA.<br>
That made me laugh Drew, I doubted JJ would be a top 15 pick.</p>

<p>JJ got shut down by LSU, he couldn't do ANYTHING against them. And not from the pressure, it was due to the fact that he was playing against way bigger players with a lot of skill. He won't do much of anything in the NBA. How bout Uconn though? I think Gay, Roy, and Morrisson will be in the running for ROTY.</p>

<p>Two words: back problems</p>

<p>no love for Lamarcus here</p>

<p>Hes soft in the paint.</p>