NC State 2023 Admission thread

Wanted to start this thread since NC State is my D first choice and want to see when the admission notices start rolling in…

Good luck to your daughter, my DS got accepted last year and started this fall. Been a challenge, never had to study in high school but a lot more is expected at State. let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you. Did your daughter apply through early action? If so, did you have to wait until january for the decision or do they send the decision out earlier?

Waiting is so hard. I have read a few of last years post and it seems weird how some are accepted and some are not , however they have the same stats.

The stress of waiting is terrible. I have seen so many post from last years potential students that did not get accepted and when I look at their stats and see what appears to be a fabulous asset to the school, yet they were denied. I can’t imagine denying any student who has those stats… I guess it is a good thing I am not choosing who goes and who doesn’t because I would be like Oprah “you get to go to college and you get to go to college …”

My son applied EA on 10/15. We are OOS. I am an alum of NCSU, but it was my grad school not undergrad so I’m not sure how much that is considered. He wants to study Neurosciences and do research. He’s a full IB Diploma student so we’ll see how he does with admittance. Really curious if they’ll make them wait until mid-January for notice. He has four other EA schools and those have notice deadlines in December.

EA decisions are January - website says Jan 30 but last year around Jan 20 something kids were notified. My son loves NC State. He is 3.85 GPA unweighted, 4 APs, 32 ACT superscore and just a good kid, hard working student - curious, motivated.

He is really hopeful he will get in but also is OK with having to consider another school and took time to explore open house science departments at different places. We’ve stressed to him that he needs to think about what he wants to study more than where he wants to go and he will end up where he is meant to be (within budget ;)).

He just got into University of TN with a $12.5 k annual out of state merit offer which is pretty good. Their admissions are rolling.

Hi everyone! OOS here :slight_smile: The waiting period is realllly long, but it’s good to just relax and know that there is nothing more left to do (except for scholarships lol) and just wait for that shiny acceptance letter ;)!

Our Youngest D, applied Via the Common App Early Action on 10/3 and her application status showed everything in on 10/10. Her Mom went there for Undergrad (2 Degrees) and for Masters and then for PhD, so not sure really how much that helps as a couple years ago we attended a luncheon for kids just starting to think about college and they said it "“put a feather on the scale”… So we will see. Our Youngest got accepted but chose an offer from a film school instead. Our Youngest could not be any closer to the 50% line of acceptance, so maybe that feather on the scale will help?

When results finally come will all post basic stats please? My DD is OOS and especially interested in those admits and any scholarships received. When we toured, the AO said they never reach their 18% cap. That has us both a bit nervous.

If I was accepted, how would I know? I’ve been told acceptance day is today. And I got an email telling me to “join a community” but I have no email saying I’m in and the website doesn’t say either. Any ideas?

@Lonerstamp I haven’t heard anything about acceptance coming out today - it seems awfully early for any acceptances to come out. I checked my email & Wolfpaw and saw no information regarding decisions coming out.

@Lonerstamp I don’t believe notifications will be out until January at the earliest. From the NCSU website:

Deadline – October 15*
Notification Date – January 30
*We have extended the Early Action deadline to November 1st for students who have been impacted by Hurricane Florence. We would encourage you (if you are not in an affected area) to apply by October 15th.

Deadline – January 15
Notification Date – March 30

I did see where an international student said they were admitted today, maybe it is only international students that find out this early

^ agreed, nobody that I know got their decisions, myself included

Thanks for your help guys. Much appreciated

Early Action Deadline (Nov 3rd) will hear back by jan 30
Regular Decision Deadline (Jan 15) will hear back by March 30

@nsig36 the post you are referring to was for an international student for the Spring. No one has heard yet for the fall, but international students do hear first on a rolling basis since there is so much more paperwork for them.

@Trusting ? I don’t believe I had asked any questions, I simply stated what I had seen on a post.

@nsig36 I was simply clarifying for readers whose admission anxiety might be triggered after seeing that some acceptances are being released. Nerves are amped already. :slight_smile: