NC State 2025 COD Graphic Design

Checking in to see if anyone has heard about admissions or interview invite for NC State Graphic Design major.

Haven’t heard anything yet, but did note an update to the COD admissions timeline stating that there will be no interviews in January due to covid. Instead of inviting applicants to interview, they will have a waiting list.

My daughter just got her acceptance to the COD in the art and design program. She received an email notification to check her portal. Good luck to all!

Yes - Here is the banner info

Updates to Interview Process

The application process for a studio-based major typically involves in-person interviews. However, due to COVID-19 and for the safety of everyone involved, we will not be conducting interviews this year. In place of interviews, we have implemented a waitlist. Please check your wolfPAW account for admissions updates.

letters are out. i’m no longer being considered for graphic design. i know a lot of other people who applied who were also denied. but, someone has to get it…good luck all!

I’m sorry to hear that! I’ve also heard of others denied for graphic design, and we don’t know of anyone who got in. Best wishes to you, I’m sure it’s disappointing but there are many other great options out there.

Curious if anyone that was waitlisted for COD (art and design) received any kind of update yesterday based on second choice major?


Thank you for responding. Best of luck. Our neighbor was also deferred. I’m wondering if someone is “waitlisted” for College of Design, how they know if they are still being considered for their second choice major. There was no change in wolfpaw portal. Also curious how many folks were waitlisted. Again, best of luck!