NC State Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

Hey yall,

I thought I would make a regular decision thread as there isn’t one already and decisions are coming out soon.


deferred gang :slight_smile:


Eyyyyy, I am apart of that gang too

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deferred :grimacing: hoping for an acceptance this friday

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ayeee lets go we got this guys!

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i heard decisions may come out this friday, good luck to everyone!

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Just throwing this out there but does anyone know what majors deferred applicants were mainly applying for? In other words what were the most competitive majors this year?

well i’m an elementary education major but that’s about all i know

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I was deferred and I am a genetics major

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Has anyone noticed any changes to their portals? The withdraw button slowly started disappearing from people’s portals the few days leading up to Early Action decisions coming out. There was also the my pack portal hack but that wasn’t always accurate I heard.

nope not anything in my portal

yeah nothing in mine either

I haven’t seen anything change.

i havnt seen any change, my submit by march 1st box is still there :pensive:

super nervous, i applied RD as a psych major

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anyone know what time they released RD last year?

I think it changes the day of, do not worry too much.

i’m so nervous ha i don’t think i’ll get in i have kinda low stats cause i went to an early college and my classes were super advanced, but i’m hoping state takes that into consideration ha

I go to an early college and I got in! So I am sure you can as well.

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Good luck to everyone for tomorrow! I hope we all get in:)
Really nervous tho.

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