NC State Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

same, and I was deferred EA they said that I would get my decision by today. Has anyone else (international) not received their decision yet?

have not received yet (international applicant).

admissions office ineptitude

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What is diverse plan?

as stated on their admission mission, consideration of the following: legacy students, rural, diversity population [minorities and underserved]…

where do i find my FA and has anyone received theirs yet?

I am not a legacy either and am white and live in the suburbs. My SAT is 1430 and ACT is 32. I was admitted to College of Engineering.

go to packportal, i got mine

I got mine, too

all is not apples vs. apples HS location, demographics etc. play a role

I realize that. But I am not a legacy or in any of the categories you mentioned. Just posting my stats:)


i applied with a general application for scholarships a few days ago. does anyone know how long it will take for them to get back to me?

Anyone know what the date is for decisions on waitlisted applicants?

I believe it’s ongoing through May and June. No set date.