NC State College of Engineering admission chances

Will I have a chance of getting accepted, my unweighted is 3.1 but that’s because I suffered from the death of a family member? I hope to get an SAT score in the 1400s when I take it again in October. I am also in the army and will be applying for the ROTC program, and was wondering if that increases my chances of any sort. I am apply early and as an in-state student. I would love to get feedback, and really want to hear other’s opinions. Also, I am applying for computer science. :slight_smile:

Can someone please share my chances of getting into unc chapel hill too?

In-state or OOS? Ethnic background? Class rank, if IS?

UNC Chapel Hill’s Computer Science program is definitely easier to get into. NCSU’s average ACT is about 33-34 for computer science. Also will say the two programs are like night and day. Not saying you won’t graduate from Carolina and get a good job after college but ALL the best companies come to NCSU looking for Computer Science graduates first. It’s always a good thing to be first in line.

I am an in state asian applicant

NC State has a 48% admit rate for engineering.

Thank you!

I would definitely send a letter to admissions letting them know what you have been through and how it impacted your performance. Schools are likely to make exceptions if they see that your gpa dipped around this time.

Well, did you get in?