NC State Deferred to RD Fall 2022

Just thought I’d start a new thread for all of us still waiting and hoping!!

It’s shocking to me how competitive these NC state schools have become. I really feel the number of seats available is not keeping up with our population growth. Never really thought there was much to that Wake County being so tough…well now I do :frowning:

Agreed! What are the chances of getting accepted RD after being deferred?

i don’t think there’s a set percentage but… dang hope we all end up getting in :crossed_fingers: … highkey kinda scared since my stats were supposed to be good enough but :woman_shrugging:

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I think they accept a lot of people who are deferred, but geez it seems like they deferred a ton this year too so I don’t know. Continuing on in the process after you are deferred supposedly really shows your interest so they are more likely to accept you.

I thought the same thing about my sons stats, thought it was a sure thing but our state schools are getting crazy competitive with the population growth.

they really are!! it’s so crazy. i thought my ACT would guarantee me a spot, but I guess not. it’s kind of crazy because sites like collegevine and other one’s said state would end up being a safety, but it really shows how inaccurate all these things are.


Same! College Vine and Niche both rated NC State and another school as safeties for my son, his high school scattergram has no rejections anywhere near his scores and yet he was deferred at both! It make me even more nervous for the two other supposed safeties we haven’t heard from yet. What a season this has turned out to be!!


it’s really nerve wracking!!! are you guys in state? and do you have his stats by any chance (if you’d like to share them ofc) ? im curious if we’re around the same mark. i have a ~3.75 unweighted 33 act

We are OOS, NJ. He has a 34 ACT, 1470 SAT, probably similar grades (school doesn’t calculate UW GPA). He’s got really strong mid-year grades though, better than his average with 5 APs, so we’re hopeful for better news the second time around. Best of luck to you too!

Thank you!! Same to you too!!

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My son’s stats:
31 ACT
1390 SAT
CS major
In state legacy
3.8/4.3 GPA lots of APs…3A’s and 1B for fall semester. Hope that doesn’t hurt him!!

So according to the common data set for 2020-2021, there were 4567 students deferred (this would have been for fall 2020 admission), 1681 students accepted a spot on the wait list, and 232 were ultimately accepted. Would love to know stats on those students, but I can’t find anything. And who knows how the pandemic affected them. If you’d like to check out the CDS, here’s the link:

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Do you all know if a letter of continued interest would harm or help a deferral? Looking through the report, it says NCSU considers student interest in the college, but on the deferred guideline posted on the wolfpaw portal, it doesn’t exactly encourage sending in letters.

I reached out via email to ask, and they gave me a boilerplate answer that all they need is the mid year grades submitted. :frowning:


Deferrals are different than waitlist.

My son was deferred as well but his senior grades and classes are very strong. He is taking 6 classes with all As including:

AP Physics C, Calc BC, AP Literature, AP Computer Science A, Data Science Honors, Civics Honors.

Between his AP and PLTW classes, he will only have 1 class left ( assuming he gets at least a 3 on his AP exams his senior year, where in the past he has gotten 5s) before he is a sophmore in college.

I explained to my son that even if he does not get in, there are many other paths that he an take…and he is a million miles ahead of his grandfather…his grandfather almost failed out of high school but still managed to get a PhD in plasma physics and landed a job with Bell Laboratories.

We were looking at other colleges and universities but frankly cannot justify sending my son into debt for an undergraduate degree. He will be aiming for a graduate degree and will place much more emphasis on that degree.

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Anyone know when decisions usually come out for deferrals/regular decision.

March 30

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good luck to everyone on this thread. It is amazing to read the stats of the students applying to get in.

How many students did get deferred? If not this year, last year?