NC State Dorm info

Here is a good summary of Freshman dorms at NC State. The application opens up on 2/8


Well I will just merge my topic in here then!!! Thanks for creating this.

Hoping current students and parents can offer advice about NC State dorms and the living/learning communities. Let’s be optimistic and hope Aug/Sept everyone is back on campus with 2 students per room!!!

Suggested topics:

  • Pros/Cons to suite vs hall-style living?
  • Experiences with the living/learning or honors/scholars communities?
  • Dining commons?
  • Favorite or least favorite dorms?
  • Pros/Cons to any specific dorm?
  • Anything anyone else would like to add of course…


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For those who applied Exploratory Studies this was the case a couple of years ago, and I believe it to still be the case. Ex studies functions as a living learning community and they usually are in Owens and Tucker. My oldest son now a senior at NCSU lived in Owens. These residence halls were hall style baths. Overall size wasn’t horrible and he had no room issues while living on campus. He did like how Owens was close to everything (gym, Tally, Fountain & Case dining halls, etc.). My youngest son was accepted Friday for Ex studies as well. Still waiting on UNC and Wake Forest, but he may be reliving his brother’s footsteps if he chooses NCSU.

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Our tour guide (pre-covid) said Owen and Tucker were a lot of fun. She recommended them to our group, but I think you are correct that Exp Studies students have to live there. I don’t know if that means that they fill it up first and any leftover rooms can go to any other student.

I think living in Tucker or Owen would be so fun but I’m pretty sure it’s only open to exploratory studies students.

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What dorm is recommended for Engineering Students?

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I hope to join the engineering village which is now located in Sullivan

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The Engineering Village is currently living in Sullivan. It’s not required that engineer majors live there, but it is an option.

Any dorm ideas for a Human Bio major?

Comments on Avent Ferry for freshman CSC majors? I’m thinking of easy daily commutes from dorm to buildings on the Centennial Campus, like Engineering II building (just looking at maps, never been there).

I don’t think most of the first year engineering classes are on Centennial Campus. The physics, math, chem, etc would be on main campus. Perhaps there are a few, but don’t think many.


And another helpful note for Engineering First Years/intended CSC (computer science) majors: “Our students live all over campus, because they take classes on both campuses. They take, at most, two CSC classes a term and add in GEP’s, minor, and other elective classes that are on Main campus… so it doesn’t matter where they live. Some students prefer the hall style, others enjoy the suites, and some like apartments… and we have all kinds of living arrangements.”


Thank you for this!!

I heard a rumor that there won’t be an option to put a roommate on the housing application this year because of covid. Does anyone know if this is true?

@recougar, interesting rumor! Reliable source?

@WorkSmart2025 not at all that’s why I was checking to see if anyone on here has heard anything lol. My mom told me they were talking about it on the class of 2025 parents’ Facebook page and I saw someone who is a current student on Reddit say something similar.

My guess is it is just too soon to plan anything concrete for fall…

On the housing call today they said as of now they are operating under the assumption that housing for the Fall will be with roommates.


We were on the same call. :slight_smile: At least now we know that you can’t request a specific dorm or room style (unless you want to and get into a living learning community). Let the randomness begin. Actually better than fretting how early we get an application in and if picking the right one. Everyone else is in the same boat.

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