NC State E.A. and R.D. WAITLISTED 2025

Decided I’d start a thread for this. Waitlisted with 4.2 weighted, 3.7 unweighted GPA. Applied as Physics Major. Moved from California summer 2020, played Waterpolo for 8 years(swimming for 10), completed Toastmasters international speaking course, and have been participating in a few clubs. I am varsity letter and Junior Varsity MVP for Waterpolo. This year seems to be VERY competitive.

Seems crazy. ACT 34, SAT 1500, GPA 3.9. 1st choice Engineering, second exploratory. Accepted early at VT, UT, Clemson. In state student; what gives?

I do realize NCSUs diversity policies may be a limitation and legacy policies and i am neither a legacy or fall into diverse population

Has anyone heard anything from the waitlist yet? My pack portal changed this morning, but I’m not sure why. Just checking in and continued luck to y’all!

Did you learn why your pack portal changed? What changed about it?

On Sunday night I no longer had access to my portal or email, so I assumed it wasn’t a good thing. Still not sure what happened

I would contact admissions. seems odd that you would no longer have access. if you were being denied admission, the portal would remain open to notify you.

Hey everyone, I’ve been a straight A student throughout high school and have taken multiple honors and AP classes. In addition, I am the number one high school clarinet player in my district and play for my schools varsity tennis team. Despite this, I was also was waitlisted at NC State. My question being if any of you think that NC State will call applicants who they are taking off the waitlist, before accepting them. I’m also glad that I’m not the only one writing about this topic lol.

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if you review posts from last year, it appears they made phone calls. but no one has posted anything about being accepted off the wait list yet.

Have any of you submitted a loci? If so, where? Like to your portal?

I sent the loci to the admission’s email address

Work colleague of mine just got denied via portal, im still in the clear. Check Portals guys

no change in portal status for me


For clarification, are you suggesting to check “my pack portal” or “wolfpaw” account?

wolfpaw. Its where they update your stuff.

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lol, I thought you were just saying that randomly.

I would’ve expected to have heard something by now if it were positive news… still holding out hope. I’d feel better if someone in the forum heard something positive.

well, think about it. If they are rejecting people now, then maybe us whom haven’t gotten denied yet, are still in consideration.

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