NC State Fall 2022 Admission - Class of 2026

Applying to NC State in 2022? The Fall 2022 deadline is coming up on Jan 15th. Last year, decisions were released on March 30, 2021 at 5 pm ET.

This is a space for the members of the class of 2026 to connect with other applicants and share stats, news or admissions updates.

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My son is hoping for great news from NC ST at the end of the month. The admissions website states that EA decisions are due out 1/30 which is a Saturday. Do you think they will be out earlier or should we get ready to sweat it out another weekend?

Go Wolfpack!

I’d say 1/30 assume 1/30. My son applied 3 years ago. Can’t remember the timing but everyone kept checking in advance at every school and most come when they say. If earlier not by weeks or even days. Enjoy the month and check in three weeks. The decision won’t change, even if you see it an hour late.


Probably that Friday the 29th.


HIstorically its today…last friday of the month. but who knows!

Today’s not the last friday of the month though. Plus, NCSU is closed today due to weather.


I know. I am not sure how an admission officer submits an admit for a student…considering there are thousands of applications…my guess is they press a button for “admit” and now we are waiting for the database to be updated.

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THanks! My twin boys have applied and are anxiously awaiting to hear. Truthfully…Im more anxious! :slight_smile: They are waiting on CHapel Hill and State. So far go into Georgia, Tenn, USC, WIlmington. They LOVE Georgia but we will all love instate tuition better. Why must this be so stressful? Making twins adds another layer! :slight_smile: Good luck and thanks so much for making this page!

Congrats on the great admissions. I bet with merit you already have affordable options. Good luck on the final two but the good news is you got into all great schools!! So the rest is gravy !!

Oh I wish! Thank you! Georgia is the top choice if State and Chapel HIll don’t work out. They quoted $41,000. Not horrible, not great. USC gave them a nice offer but we still need to visit. Their heart is set on one of the two of State or Carolina. Being a twin mom is tough. We keep telling them they have done everything possible but it’s such a game. Thanks for the kind words though! Time will tell soon enough!

It’s U of SC. USC is in CA. :). But I know what you meant. It was my daughters #2. She’s at C of Charleston but really loved u of SC where she would have been in Honors. She got into UGA Honors but the campus was just too sprawling for her. UTK. Wilmington. U of SC. You can’t go wrong. Did UGA offer merit ?

What major ?

UGA is a tough get so I think that bodes well for NC State for sure. I’d feel confident on that alone but either way, the madness will be over soon :slight_smile:

But don’t look past U of SC. With merit they can be affordable and it’s the top ranked honors college. And they have Capstome which is another tier just below.

If money is your game, since you applied to UGA I know they have a test score…you can’t beat Alabama for cost. It’s not too late…just in case.

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you already received u of sc financial aid offer? Did they email it to you?

If I recall from last year you get a directional offer like at least $85k was ours but it came later …the actual.

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Gotcha. Got the same. Thanks for letting me know.

@tsbna44 Thank you!! :slight_smile: Yes…I was too lazy to write out USC in whole! I wish it were the one in CA !:slight_smile: South Carolina gave them $40,000 over 4 years merit. No merit at Georgia but waiting to apply for scholarships for them once this hellish week of waiting is over! :slight_smile: If it comes down to only State and Georgia they will need to make decisions. They are boys and LOVED Athens…not to mention the football! :slight_smile: We will visit South CArolina too! My kids have friends going to COC…they are very excited! Thanks for your input!!

Hi! I dont think it was the financial aid offer but Im not sure. I know in the acceptance letter it said we will give you AT LEAST $40,000 over 4 years but we have not pursued it yet!

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No. U can say USC. except they put an of in the middle. So U of SC be is u of South Carolina. They’ll tell u when u visit it do an info session. Only reason I know :slight_smile:

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I can’t get used to the U of SC. We’ve lived here in South Carolina for the last 20+ years and nobody calls it UofSC. It’s USC or Carolina. Being from NC, it takes awhile to realize they’re not talking about UNC.


Totally get it. I’m not from there so I just know what they say (and write). See News and Events about half way down on the attached link.

I was noticing the Reynold Wrap tinfoil box in the drawer yesterday. It’s like royal blue vs the dark blue and pinkish it used to be. I asked my better half…about the old, iconic, color. Where’d it go ? She said the world changes, and maybe you need to as well :slight_smile: kidding of course.