NC State or UNC Chapel Hill?

NC State or Chapel Hill?

So, I have been accepted to both NC State and Chapel Hill since early decisions have came out. However, I decided to stick to going to a community college for one year (just because I felt like it). I just need one year cause I already have 30+ credits from dual enrollment.

My question is should I apply for NC State’s or Chapel Hill’s transfer program?

The transfer programs give you guaranteed admission to their school after you get an AS.

Some background: I plan on majoring in Animal Science to become a vet. I am a high school senior right now.

NC State (C3)

  • Has an Animal Science major
  • Would have to pay around $4k a year (I know this since I have received a financial aid letter from them)

Chapel Hill (C-STEP)

  • Would be in an Biology major
  • Would have to pay nothing because I qualify for the Carolina Covalent (Basically a full ride scholarship for students that are under poverty levels)

Can you afford the 4k per year at state? Because if so, it’s a far better option for veterinary studies. If not, UNC is an amazing school with a great biology program and you can always go somewhere else for your graduate vet degree.

Attend UNCH. Make sure you take the prerequisite courses for NC State Vet School and hours of direct animal care. Save the money for vet school. Best of luck.

Definitely take the full-ride at UNC. You may still be able to take some courses at NCS under the Interinstitutional Program, that would be helpful toward getting into Veterinary School:

NC State may be the better choice since it also has a vet school. When I was in undergrad, I happened to know the right people that had affiliations with the vet school. In my opinion, their letters of recommendation meant more since they were writing to their colleagues.