NC State (Poole Management) vs University of South Carolina (Darla Moore and Capstone)

Wondering others thoughts on University of South Carolina Darla Moore Capstone program vs. NC state Poole College. Wasn’t expecting to like UofSC so much but admitted student day was great. Both options are affordable. TIA

What are you studying…Moore is tops in international business ?

Otherwise they are comparable. ACC Vs SEC

I preferred U of S C campus but others note the area isn’t great. If I recall you don’t have as much around NC State off campus as you do U of SC if that impacts.

You need to spend four years there, day after day. So sorry…you’ve gotta make the call. No one can for you.

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What’s your intended area of business? If it’s international then USC. I really like NC State and Raleigh but I’m partial to USC (MBA a long time ago). Good luck.

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I think it’s splitting hairs between the two and should come down to which one is the best overall fit.

The only other issue I may consider is the likelihood of landing an eventual internship and/or job in Raleigh vs Columbia but even then, if the student had strong feelings about not wanting to be one place or the other, they can always target prospective employers elsewhere.

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Raleigh and Durham are really growing like gangbusters with tons of startups and companies like Apple coming to the area.

I have never thought NC State had a particularly beautiful campus or presented its best face to the public driving by or through campus, but it is very vibrant and there is a lot to do in the surrounding area. Hillsborough Street is easily walkable (although watch for traffic) and you can catch a free bus to go a couple of miles to downtown Raleigh too.

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Totally agree - love both Raleigh & Durham! Had one of the best meals at a pasta place in downtown Durham :blush: (ah, the good ole days of being able to eat pasta…)

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Thank you! This is great info to consider!