NC State Scholarship Application

Not sure if anyone will know this… we are looking through the essay prompts on the general scholarship application. Will the scholarship reviewers have access to the Common App essays as well? There seems to be some similarities in questions where it would be nice to re-use/ re-purpose what DS had previously written, but not sure if that would harm his chances if they review both college application and scholarship application together.

Amazing what you learn when you read the FAQ! :slight_smile: They are not read together. "No, the scholarship application is independent of the admissions application. "

So- I answered my own question but thought I would add the update in case anyone was wondering the same thing.

Thanks! I didn’t read FAQ yet, either.

How were you able to find your default password to be able to login?

@JesseJune - try this:

. Your default password is an eight digit number comprised of:
a. the last four digits of your NC State student ID number, which can be found under “Account Information” on your wolfPAW account, and
b. the four digits of your birth month and day. For example, if your ID number ends in 1234 and your birthday is January 31st (i.e. 01/31), then your default password is 12340131.

Does anyone know the likelihood of receiving scholarships? I know NCS is not known for merit, are the scholarships given out more based on needs vs merit?

Hi @JesseJune - I’m not sure, but hopeful that someone will see your question and have some info to share. I haven’t gotten the impression that there are a lot of merit scholarships outside the big ones like Park. Interestingly, even though DS is in-state, this would likely be the most expensive option for him compared to some OOS flagships that give great merit aid. NC State is certainly a much higher ranked engineering program and has great programs, but we will need to do a balancing act of how much better versus overall cost.