NC State Transfer for Fall 2022 admission

Just starting a thread to see when other people are going to get in as transfer students, and when the first wave of acceptances hit. I have a 4.0 GPA as of now, biochemistry major intended, maybe like a 3.7 GPA in High school. Trying to get into NC State.

I’m reapplying again as a transfer student. I’m applying to Poole. Admissions told me to reapply with Calc, which will make me competitive. I didn’t have Calc 1 before but now I do and got an A. Last year I heard back April 9th I believe. I have a 3.85.

When did you first apply? Was Calc already in progress at the time of your original application? Asking because, my son is a freshman at another school with a 4.0 from fall semester, he is currently taking Calc and intending to go to Poole.

I first applied as a transfer for Fall 2021 in February, last year. I did not have Calc in progress. When I wasn’t admitted, I called admissions and they told me my gpa was good, I had the english compositions, but I did not have Calc. So, basically with having Calc 1, anyone has a high chance. If Calc is currently in progress, they usually just defer you until they get your final grades, and then they would admit you. I hope that helps!

Hoping my in progress calc 2 will make them take me even though i only have taken one english class so far. I have all the competitive requirments, as a freshman, other than that second english class…

Did anybody just get a request for current grades?

Same here

Not me. Do you have less than 30 credits or an important class in progress?

I did not :grimacing:

Yes to both, I have a Biology class this semester that they recommend for competitive applicants and am a freshman so currently less than 30 credits. I’m hoping this isn’t a bad sign​:grimacing::grimacing:

Any idea if decisions come out this week? I know the date is the 15th but I’ve heard they come out sooner usually

It’s not always a bad thing. They may just give you a decision later, when you get your final grade.

I’m gonna say like Thursday or Friday coming up. Last year decisions came out on the 9th I believe.

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Did they request grades of classes currently in progress? How would you provide that without a transcript?

I asked a friend who got in last year from a community college. You give your best and honest estimate.

My son was just asked to provide his current grades in an online form. He is a freshman at UNC Charlotte with a 4.0 from last semester and all A’s this semester. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long for them to review.

How many credit hours has he completed?

Completed 16 from last semester with 16 in progress.

Do any of you have access to myPack Portal?

the wolfpack portal? yes why