NC state transfer - no math or English?

I’m currently a sophomore hoping to transfer to NC State fall 2019. I have a very strong resume, which includes several extracurriculars and studying abroad in both Germany (summer) and China (full 2018-2019 year), and an ok GPA (about a 3.5). The problem is that I wasn’t able to take English comp or math my freshman year, and since I’m studying abroad this year (taking 40 hours of Mandarin Chinese), I didn’t have a chance to take the courses last semester. I spoke to someone on the phone who made it seem like that would basically screw my chances, but that seems pretty stupid considering I have such a strong resume and a GPA much higher than those of several transfer students I’ve spoken to.

What do you guys think?? Should I bother applying, or wait until spring? Does anyone have experience with this?

Thanks in advance!!!

Well I have recently spoke with NC State about this similar issue and I would said you should still apply. Yes it may lower your chances but maybe having a strong recommendation can increase it. May I ask did you took any high level math in highschool?

I was told by a counselor that a letter of recommendation is not recommended. I did not take upper level math in highschool, but it doesn’t make a difference because I’ve taken enough credits so I don’t have to submit my highschool transcript.