NC State Transfers Falll 2019

I decided to start a thread for people to post their stats for transferring to NCSU in the fall of 2019! We can post our admissions decisions here and everything too!

My current stats:
Freshman at Elon University
4.0 GPA
21 credit hours

Transferring to community college in the spring due to financial and other reasons. I will be taking 22 credit hours there as well (including the math recommendation they want)! I emailed the NC State advisor with my current courses with their NCSU equivalents and the classes I’m taking in the spring with their NCSU equivalents, too. She gave me a lot of great insight and helped me pick the best courses to set me up for NCSU!

I am applying to NC State for fall 2019. How do I get in touch with an adviser from NC State?

I am currently a Freshman at UNC Charlotte looking to transfer to the College of Sciences at NCSU, hopefully as a Biology major. I also applied my senior year as a Biology major, but was deferred and then rejected. Here are my current stats:

Race: Asian
Gender: Female
GPA: 4.0
Classes Taken & Grade Received (17 Credit Hours):

  • General Biology I : A
  • General Chemistry I : A
  • General Chemistry I Lab : A
  • Calculus : A
  • University Writing: A
  • First Year Seminar: A

    Classes Currently in Progress (15 Credit Hours):
  • General Biology II
    -General Biology II Lab
  • General Chemistry II
  • General Chemistry II Lab
  • German I
  • Statistics

Let me know if you need more information!

I am looking to transfer from UNC Charlotte to NC State.

My current stats:

Year: Freshman
Race: Asian
Gender: Female
GPA (as of first semester): 4.0
Major: Psychology (College of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Classes Previously Taken: (16 Credit Hours)
-College Algebra: A
-Geography: A
-Intro to Psychology: A
-Liberal Studies (Ethical Studies): A
-University Writing: A

Classes Currently Taking: (16 Credit Hours)
-International Politics
-Principles of Biology
-Principles of Biology Lab
-Intro to Brain and Behavior

When I previously applied to NC State, I was deferred and then put on the waitlist. When I first applied, I put down International Studies as my major.

Let me know if you need anymore information :slight_smile:

@johnycomelately there is an email an online advisor thing if you Google it!

@tfk440 You’re looking good when it comes to your college career. What are your high school stats like?

@alx234 you look solid when it comes to your college career! What are your high school stats like? Any extracurriculars in college you can add?

Easier to transfer from Comm College (Wake Tech), UNCC, or UNCW (with 2+2 program) into NC State Engineering?
UNCC has same 1st year courses, UNCW is 2+2 program.

@markfnc I think it is fairly easy. There is an online program NC State offers to see what courses transfer from the current school you are at, it’s really helpful to get an idea of where you’re standing will be.

Hi guys! Here are my stats:

California community college student
White / Female
Major: English
GPA: 3.9
Extracurriculars: YouTube and freelance writing/editing
Job/Work Experience: part-time teacher
Volunteer/Community service: 5 years for hospice care, 2 years for food banks, 3 years tutoring, 1 year teacher’s assist

@90smix are you a junior or a sophomore applicant?

@srb2000 Junior applicant.

@90smix I think you have a good shot. You have good volunteer and community service, plus good involvement in your school with teaching and tutoring. The average transfer GPA is usually 3.7, so you’re above that! Good luck!

I am currently a hispanic freshman at UNCC. I am looking to transfer into the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Out of high school I was deferred then rejected. I attended CPCC my first semester and maintained a 3.73 GPA. I am taking 17 credit hours and my achievements and accomplishments are more than enough. My grades follow as such:
Statistics: A
Biology 1: B
Writing: A
Chemistry 1: A

2nd Semester

Health & Quality of life
Global Health Issues
Bio 2

I will more than likely finish with 4 As and 2 Bs. Do I have a good chance of getting in?

@srb2000 That is great to hear, thank you for the words of encouragement. :slight_smile:

I am currently a freshman student at UNC Charlotte. I am a Filipino male whose parents have attended and earned college degrees but not in the US (in the Philippines). My current major at UNC Charlotte is Pre-Business. I have applied to the Accounting program at NC State (Poole College of Management). When applying as a senior from high school, I applied as an Undecided (Exploratory Studies) major during the Early Admission period. I first got deferred, and then waitlisted. Hopefully I’ll have a decent shot at being accepted into NC State as I don’t really like it here at UNC Charlotte.


High School
GPA: 3.3 Unweighted, 4.1 Weighted
SAT: 1300
ACT: 28
Deferred, then Waitlisted from NC State

GPA (as of the end of first semester): 3.4
27 credit hours earned after the completion of first semester (12 credit hours were from AP scores, the other 15 hours were from first semester classes), will have earned 41 hours by the end of second semester (14 credit hours currently in progress)
Dean’s List
Projected GPA after second semester: 3.4-3.6

The recommendations to be a competitive applicant for the Poole College of Management include having a 3.0 and above GPA, English Composition, and 3-4 credit hours of college-level Calculus.

I have a 3.4 GPA and am currently taking the English and Calculus courses this second semester.

Feel free to ask for any other information that would help chance me as a transfer to NC State for Fall 2019. Thanks.

@toonicenate Your stats look good. I would try and raise your 3.4 GPA though if you can. The higher GPA, the more your chances go up!

I know that they do rolling admissions for transfers and that we find out before April 15th so can y’all post in here whenever you find out that way the rest of us know that they’ve started to send out admissions decisions?

@transferstu1818 I didn’t realize they were rolling! I’m sure people here will post.

I also applied as a transfer student to NCSU for Fall 2019, I am currently a freshman and the major I applied to is Business Administration.
Here are my stats:

High School:
Weighted GPA: 4.1563
Unweighted GPA: 3.4688
SAT: 1290 (610 Reading and 680 Math)
AP Statistics credit: 3 hours

First semester GPA: 3.437 (16 hours) (Dean’s List)
Writ & Inq Acad Context/Studio: A
Calculus: A
Introduction to Business and Professional Development: B
Britain since 1688: B
American Politics: B

Second Semester (15 hours)
Principles of Biology I
Western History & Culture
Global Connections

Arts & Society: Theater
Intro to Business Computing

After this spring semester, I will have 34 college credits. I know my chances are lower because of my college GPA, but I hope to get that up to a cumulative of a 3.7 if I achieve a 4.0 for the semester.
Please let me know my chances to get into NC State, and if you have any questions, let me know.