NC State WISE or Engineering Village for Housing?

My daughter is trying to decide between learning villages and wanted me to ask you all for advice. She is studying computer science in the fall 2020. Should she ask for the engineering village in Sullivan Hall or the WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) village in Lee Hall? She is outgoing and has no preference of coed or all female. Open to hear any advice you all can offer!

My perspective is very limited, just to forewarn you! I’ve only ever seen Sullivan Hall, and it was while taking S20 to a summer program 2 years ago. So- I can’t speak to the school year atmosphere, or the community that develops with other students. What I can say is that I thought the room he was in was pretty small and grim. And- the number of students sharing a single small bathroom didn’t seem great.

Again- I don’t have a point of comparison with any other halls, or the school year dynamic. I’m only stating this based on a very quick drop off and pick up.

@chaphillmom Thank you for the advice. Yes, both these dorms are old and dated, they are actually the next to be replaced. I was more curious in the atmosphere of the students. 9 floors of engineering students of men and women in one village VS 4 floors of all women in science and engineering. Best of luck to your son!

The halls are next door to each other and we were told at WISE event that the group tutoring available at WISE is used by women living in the engineering community as well. Rooms in Lee are spacious compared to others we have seen elsewhere. Bathroom was not big but clean (cleaned by university personnel) and only shared by 8 girls. Seemed to be a positive atmosphere.

@Niblets Wondering what your daughter decided last year and if she’s happy? We are making same choice right now

@Uarogers Hello! My daughter decided to live at the WISE village vs Engineering. Due to covid, she only made it on campus 24 days until they had to leave. She is back at WISE now and all dorms are singles, 4 girls instead of 8. She loves WISE village and has made many friends. Engineering dorm is right next door and goes there a lot to study with a friend who has the same class. Either choice is good, depends if she feels more comfortable with an an all girls dorm or coed. Good luck!