ncssm chances

<p>can someone project what chance I have to get into ncssm?
I live in district 4.
ap world-A
ap chem-B
chem lab-A
h. precal-B
h. English 2-A
h. engineering 2-A
japanese 2-A</p>

<p>I still don't know my sat scores yet, but I think i did pretty well</p>

technology club
mock trial
quiz bowl
automotive club
model UN
humanitarian club</p>

<p>I have around 120 service hours, and I have won 6 state level technology awards and 3 national level technology awards. I also hold 5 leadership positions. And I think I wrote pretty decent essays too.</p>

<p>District Four is the most competitive in the state. 400 other people want your spot.
Write rockin' essays and really show them who you are outside of you're grades :)</p>