NCSU freshman housing

Can anyone recommend which they think is best? Lee Hall or Honors and Scholars Village? Thank you!

Depends on your student, tbh. Honors quad has a reputation for being pretty quiet/studious with most students keeping their doors shut. Other students shared the same info with us when making a decision so our student went with another dorm to have more atmosphere. He was randomly assigned to Lee and really likes it. It’s close to Fountain dining hall and easy to get around. He does have a bunch of friends in the tri-towers, though, and said that it seems much easier to socialize and make friends there because of the layout (shared halls with 4 large suites).

Thank you for all of the information! It’s so helpful! It makes sense too. Thank you!!

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how about opting out of housing if you live 5 miles from campus?

Your student will miss out on the freshman experience. Socially, that’s one of the best parts of college. Additionally, there are a lot of students that study together, have group projects, etc. Let the spread their wings.

Our ambassador said as of a couple of years ago freshman have to live on campus now. Probably want to call housing for an exemption? I can understand needing to save on housing cost.

I called. You can be exempted from housing if you live within 15 miles. We live only 4 miles away. We need to save $$$

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Does anyone know if those students in exploratory studies are required to live in a certain dorm? If so, what if you want to room with someone who isn’t in exploratory studies. Are you still able to do that?

The have to live in Tucker or Owen and can’t live with someone not in exploratory studies.

This is copied from NCSU website:

Preferred roommates must also be in the Exploratory Studies program to live in the Exploratory Studies living and learning village. Exploratory Studies students approved for the Village are assigned to Tucker and Owen Residence Halls.

My son applied to exploratory studies village, but changed that when a friend of his who was not in his same major wanted to room together…this seems a bit too restrictive…but it is, what it is. We changed to no living learning village and they will likely be placed in one of the tri-tower dorms.

Good for him! Half of a good new student experience is having a good friend and roommate. At admitted student day they told us NCSU makes it so easy to switch majors… it’s literally two clicks on your phone and he can switch without losing credits usually. I think I heard kids often switch a couple of times after they get there and realize a field was not what they thought it was. Good luck! I’ve also heard tri towers is great. Social and great location

How do you request a roommate after submitting housing application?

Do you have to be in the exploratory studies living and learning village if you are an undecided major? We are going to campus tomorrow so we can ask someone in housing but I wasn’t sure if someone on this message board knew that answer.

Yes. I’m pretty sure. I would definitely check when you visit. I do hear the exploratory studies dorms are very social and the best opportunity to make many friends.

Yes, with very few exceptions. NCSU uses the term Exploratory Studies instead of undecided and they are all housed together and offer programs to learn about all the different majors.

There is a section for forming a roommate group that you can edit at in the application up until a certain date. Once you know who you want to room with, you can add each other to your group. Otherwise, fill out the questionnaire and they will assign you a roommate that matches your criteria.

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Does anyone here have any insights on the Engineering Village? Or on going random? My easygoing, athletic, but on the reserved side DS is likely coming from OOS knowing no-one, so would very much appreciate advice on what housing to select!

My son is kinda on the fence. If he found the right roommate he would do engineering dorm. Honestly I would describe him similar— studios but athletic… reserved but outgoing. Also OOS. Message me is you want to connect them

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