NCWIT Aspirations in Computing 2020

Are the national winners and honorable mention list out?

Nope, the official published list always comes out in early January. However, I do believe all national winners and honorable mentions email notifications came out about a week ago.

Do you mind sharing how you knew the emails were sent out? Did you (or your friends) receive?

I think that the notifications for national winners will be sent out in early January this year (according to their website)

national honorable mention

lmao didn’t get any nat awards :frowning: but affiliate winner so that’s okay ig

Do regional winners get scholarships @butterbear09

2 years ago (when my daughter was in 10th grade), the regional award came with a 1,000 scholarship for the senior who was awarded at our high school.

Haven’t heard anything about that this year, but don’t know that she had heard it before the award ceremony either…

Anyone else have insight?

@2NCKids Thanks for letting me know! I see your username has NC in it. I’m in North Carolina. When the senior was awarded what region was she at? The coastal area or the one with the triad? Also, do you know when the senior was awarded it officially? It seems like it’s kept on the dl which is annoying because we want to know.

My daughter is a senior this year too, so I’d love to know too…at that time, my daughter was in school in Charlotte region.

Did she apply to the same region this year? If she was selected what was her status like honorable mention, winner, rising star(?)?

And yeah they’re really hush hush about it. I don’t really get that; senior year is already stressful. We want to know if we won anything or not; leaving us guessing just adds to that stress!

Is this the first year that your daughter applied?
Has she received any communication yet?