ND application

I’m applying to ND in the fall this year, but there are so many other qualified applicants from my high school applying as well. Is there a certain amount of people ND will accept from one high school, or does that even matter?

This comes under the heading of something you can’t control… so I wouldn’t worry about it. Just focus on submitting the strongest application you can.

Colleges do try to balance geographic diversity without generally having quotas for any particular high school. It is a balancing act among a lot of factors, more than quotas. ND gives a particularly strong hook to alumni children. So the 4th or 5th best applicant from your high school might get in while those you might consider to be the 2nd or 3rd best may not. That’s all the more reason to put in the best application that you possibly can, but apply to several likely and match schools as well.