ND Basketball

<p>ND's great basketball season ended tonight with a 61-41 loss to Washington State tonight. Harangody grabbed 22 boards, but the Irish didn't quite match their previous season-low of 65 points by shooting under 30% from the field.
The team loses only one senior (Rob Kurz), so let's hope for some good things next year! Hopefully we will all be there for the 2008-2009 season to help the Irish extend their Joyce Center winning streak! <em>knocks on wood</em></p>

<p>The problem with teams that live by the three or die by the three is exactly this, if things aren't dropping, you are done. The same thing happened to Duke. This is why I like to have more of an inside presence like Stanford or Georgetown. Yes, we have Harangody, and he has been better than I could have hoped, but we need more than just him. We should be trying to work the ball inside and then fire it out for the three if they are loading up inside. </p>

<p>Oh well, at least my grad school (WVU) is still in it. They still fire up the 3, like with Beilein, but they have more of an inside presence now that we have Huggins and they play solid defense. They play a style more like I think we should, and honestly, I think we have the players to do it better than they do. However, they are the ones that still have a shot, so GO MOUNTAINEERS.</p>

<p>When is football season?</p>

<p>Well Georgetown and Stanford have the fortunate grace of 7-footers. The Big Ugly Harangody is built like a power forward not a center.</p>

<p>True, all we have is a 6'11" Zeller who can't play inside. We also can't get his younger, better, brother...what does that tell you? Brey simply hasn't decided to make playing inside a priority, and it is high-risk and high-reward. We will knock off some good teams, but at the same time, if we are off we could lose to ANYONE.</p>

<p>I usually cheer for the Big East, and I even kind of like West Virginia, but I can't bring myself to cheer for Bob Huggins. Sorry, 68178.
There's a team that reminds me of ND in my high school conference. When they play at home, they may be the best team in the state. Every 3 they take drops for them because they feel comfortable shooting there. They lost on the road in the second round of the district tournament because they couldn't shoot, and their undefeated season ended.
On the other hand, this was one of the best-rounded Irish team's I've seen in a while. I wish Torin Francis would've developed like Harangody. Kurz can play inside every once in a while, but ND needs a Dennis Lattimore to compliment Gody.</p>

<p>Big win for the women today. Hopefully they can keep it going against Oklahoma!</p>

<p>ND women to the Sweet 16 thanks to the career-high 35 points of Charel Allen!
Next up: Tennessee</p>

<p>Awesome! I was a TA for Intro to Computer Applications and I taught 70% of the women's basketball team. I am not taking all of the credit for this, just most of it :). I am glad that they are doing well!</p>