ND First Football Game of the Season

<p>Anybody else watching the game thinking, "wow there's a chance that I could be sitting in the student section next year"? I'm not even a huge football fan, but still. It all feels a bit more real now.</p>

<p>Probably more students thinking, “I wonder who the next coach will be after the current one has a heart attack on the sidelines.” Guy needs to calm down a bit or he’s going to have a tough time recruiting.</p>

<p>Amen to that!!! I thought Coach Kelly was ridiculous. Here he is at the most Catholic University in the country, spilling out one four letter “f” word after the other. I thought that was so disgusting, unprofessional and classless. I can’t believe anyone sends their kid to college to be berated on national tv. I watched the game and was surprised to see ND make the mistakes they made, but what happened to constructive critizism? Kelly is an idiot.</p>

<p>Have to agree with Dungaree. As a parent, it was embarrassing to watch his antics.</p>

<p>Seriously, does Notre Dame really want this guy going apoplectic for the national TV audience to see? C’mon, Coach Kelly–like it or not, you are a role model, in addition to your coaching duties. Do we really want to be teaching kids at ND and elsewhere that this is how one communicates with others, especially those that are in a subordinate position? That when plans aren’t executed as expected, one loses complete control and berates, screams, etc.?</p>

<p>Notre Dame is So. Much. Better. than that. Show some class.</p>

<p>I don’t think many people were watching or caring about Brian Kelly during that game… Probably more focused on the ridiculous number of turnovers or the murderous lightning.</p>

<p>It was hard not to watch him as national tv kept zooming in on his sweaty cherry red face and he was spitting out one curse word after the other. Trust me I would have rather been watching anything else but that. Yuk!!!</p>

<p>I agree with the other mom on this post, ND is so much better than that!!!</p>

<p>As the parent of a freshman, I was disgusted by the behavior of Coach Kelly. I understand a coach reprimanding his players but there should be some standard of behavior he is held to. Unfortunately, for many people, the only thing they identify with Notre Dame is football…and this is what they see? :(</p>

<p>Quite the contrast with, say, Lou Holtz, whose expression after a nightmare play was almost…subtle? Coach Kelly looked as if he was putting in an appearance as a beet on Veggie Tales. It might be something of a gender thing. At every turnover I yelled “Oh my God!”, while every time the camera panned to Kelly my wife yelled “You idiot!” I must say he did act like an idiot, but I’m sure my face was at least a little pink. I can’t believe they lost by only three.</p>

<p>^^ USF’s coach Skip (Lou, Jr.) Holtz is a sociable and bubbly guy, but he isn’t near as animated and outwardly excitable as his dad former ND coach Lou, Sr. Folks say Skip got his calmer disposition more from his mom than his dad Lou, Sr.</p>

<p>Not only was Coach Kelly’s behavior abhorrent and an embarrassment to the University, his reaction when called on his behavior was worse. (I didn’t hit anyone & I’m going to have to control my anger in front of the camera) In addition, he made a comment during the pep rally that turned my stomach. After the suicide last year of a St. Mary’s student following an alleged sexual assault by a Notre Dame football player, you would think Coach Kelly would know better than to make an off-hand joke about football players loving the women’s dorms. In another situation it might have been seen as an innocent comment, or might not, but in this situation it was, in my view, exceptionally ill-advised. Is this man accountable to no one?</p>