Near-Final List

<p>I've narrowed down my college list to about 8 schools...wondering if my reaches are ok, or if they could be matches. Same for my matches...if they're too high or what not.</p>

<p>Stats: </p>

<p>Large school, MN. 740 in class. In the top 600 in U.S.
GPA : 3.81uw 4.05w
Class rank: top 7% weighted, top 16% unweighted
SAT: Math 670, Verbal 740, Writing 710 (Essay 10)
5 AP classes total through Junior year. I'll have 10 by graduation. Passed both Stats and Euro in sophomore year with 5s. The rest are mostly honors courses. </p>

<p>ECs - Track (9, 10 (JV), 11 [L], 12 [L])
- Piano for 10 years (9, 10, 11, 12) - 4 Theory Exams passed with various levels of distinction. 4 Technique Exams. Ensemble Festivals and Recitals. Played in a church confirmation band in 11th grade. "Christened" new studio building by performing on opening day. Competition participant in 10th grade, finalist and alternate for state honors concert in 11th. Will compete in 12th.
- Referee for youth basketball (10, 11, 12)
- Job for 3.5 months (11)
- Volunteer at hospital (75 hours)
- Traveling basketball - equivalent of a "B" squad (9)</p>

Emory, Vandy, BC</p>

<p>Match: Tulane, BU, Bucknell (legacy - both parents, two grandparents), Gettysburg, Sewanee, NYU</p>

<p>Safety: SMU, Baylor</p>

<p>Help is very much appreciated. Thanks :)</p>

<p>sorry youll get lucky if NYU even considers those kinds of scores...please, u need to work harder .....DONT GIVE UP....there is also .... uci or ucr to consider</p>

<p>wow...i didn't think they were THAT bad...other schools ok? Oh, and sorry, ACT is 32</p>

<p>lolok, sean has posted other discouraging comments on other peoples threads as well. don't listen to him.</p>

<p>i think your reaches/matches/safeties are right on the money. but i do thing your reaches aren't that big of reaches. why not pick one or two that are a little more selective that are still within your cornell and northwestern (just as examples)</p>

<p>but if those are the ones you like, go for it.</p>

<p>Oh...I didn't think my scores were too bad...</p>

<p>Do I have like 50/50 shots at my reaches? I didn't think they were quite in the match range...and yeah i was thinking of cornell. Ill put NW on there. Thanks a lot.</p>

<p>I would say your chances for all three are around 40-50%.</p>

<p>The acceptance rates for these 3 schools are 38% (Emory), 38% (Vandy), & 32% (BC). You are an above average applicant for each of these schools, hence your chances.</p>

<p>Your ECs could sting a bit...if you could make your ECs a little more attractive they may be matches for you.</p>

<p>Yeah...I hate my ECs. But there's no fluff, nothing I did cuz i didn't want to. so no regrets.</p>

<p>I knew i had to somewhat nail my test scores. Which i guess i pretty much did. </p>

<p>My ECs can't really be spiced unless a shooting star hits me in the face and something happens. I might not even letter in track if the pain in my knee doesn't stop lol. I go to a big school, pretty competitive stuff.</p>

<p>My son just applied to Emory, Vanderbilt and BU with a 1370 SAT (710 Math and 660 Verbal). He was probably borderline at Emory and Vanderbilt. He was accepted at Emory and BU and wait listed at Vanderbilt.</p>

<p>The 50% SAT ranges at Emory are Verbal 640-720 and Math 660-740. Your Verbal is good, but the Math is on the low side. Some of it would depend on your intended major.</p>

<p>One word on the SAT ranges: The 50% ranges are based on all of the successful applicants. The accept rate is much higher for early decision, legacies, minorities, athletes, development cases and VIP's. In order to be a reasonably strong candidate to one of the selective schools during regular decision who doesn't qualify in any of the above listed categories, an applicant needs to be at the high end of the 50% ranges.</p>

<p>Yeah i figured that...darn.</p>

<p>So are my schools still mostly on target then?</p>