Nearly failed Mid Term Exam

<p>I got a 69 on my English mid term exam which equates to a D+. I have an A-(90) first q and b+(87) second q. Very few if any got A's on this mid term and it was difficult. Luckily I all A's on my other mid term exams and am sitting at A- to A's in those classes including AP. </p>

<p>However, this english mid term is screwed me over. It was mostly a plot memorization/ can you memorize the study guide test. Unfortunately I didnt have time to look over everything and bombed it. Thankfully semester grade is still an B(84). </p>

<p>My question is do colleges look down on this heavily? Do they look at mid terms at all or only quarter, semester, and final grades?</p>

<p>This has been repeated over and over. It depends on your school which grades are reported (whether semester or final). Your counselor would be your guide on that one. Most likely, they won't see the midterm grade, but they may report by semester.</p>

<p>If they do see it, how do you think they would interpret it.</p>

<p>It all come down to the full grades for the courses, I think. Not just midterm and Final. But if they did look at your midterm they might look at your grade (which you said is a B) they might consider you lazy or you have a bad day-Not many people can bombed midterm and passed class, you're really lucky.</p>

<p>Actually, I'm fairly certain they wouldn't see midterms. But if they did, a D+ would obviously catch their attention. However, in context of the overall grade it wouldn't have much of an impact. The overall grade you get in the class would trump what one bad midterm indicates. But again, your school wouldn't report midterms so just focus on boosting the overall grade.</p>

<p>^^This and not flunking the finals.</p>

<p>Thanks man. Puts me in a more peacful mindset. Im new to this transcript part of college process so I was nervous that this single D would screw me over. </p>

<p>And yeah Descuff, the mid term should have been made to analyze lit instead of plot summarization. My teacher is also a highly subjective and mercurial grader. Somedays he hands out A's and other days your "masterpiece" gets D's lol.</p>

<p>actually at my school analyzing lit- especially in AP English- is a grades nightmare. -_-</p>

<p>Yo me too. I have a crazy lit teacher who every single student in the class detests.</p>

<p>If you have a tough teacher (like mine), because grading is subjective, it can be very harsh. Because there's no way to study, you can't guarantee yourself a good grade. However with a test format, you're okay as long as you've read over anything. I would prefer that.</p>

<p>A D+ could actually be better than a C.-- As you are a good student with almost all A grades, colleges will SEE that D+ to be sure but will view it as an outlier--A classmate of mine at Harvard Law got a D from Dershowitz and thought his career was sunk-- but he got As in his other courses--he had no problem getting a top job-- law firms dismissed it as either a very bad day or a conflict between the teacher and him. The C however, is within the realm of possibility and may have the college see that as the real grade -- that you either didn't understand the material or fluffed off the course-- much less likely to view it as a total outlier...</p>


<p>You make a really good point there. Thats why im not freaking out and trying to put things in perspective. Its just that English essay exams are so subjective unlike math and science which are purely objective. Thats what makes HS english annoying. Each teacer every year has this different style and you have to constatnly adapt.</p>