Necessary to Decline Other UC Offers?

<p>Is it necessary to decline offers at other UCs after accepting one of them? Will it look bad if you just don't respond?</p>

<p>haha you're being too kind to the admissions process - I didn't officially "decline" any of my other offers of admission. Just don't respond; there is nothing to "look bad" by doing nothing.</p>

<p>I officially didn't decline them either...</p>

<p>... although a certain UC kept asking me to turn mine is AFTER the deadline hehe.</p>

<p>I only takes a second and seemed like a courtesey.</p>

<p>can we accept an offer from a UC and another college, is it wrong to do so? I know 2 UCs are not allowed.</p>

<p>of course that is VERY VERY wrong and u could have ur admission revoked to Both</p>

<p>yup thats what i thought, thanks.</p>