Neck pain's during test???

<p>My Neck kills me during the all of my practice tests that I've taken from hunching over...Anybody have a similar problem? Any tips?</p>

<p>Sometimes when I get really stressed and tense my neck starts to hurt. Though this has yet to happen to me in a practice test, I usually just need to relax. Or maybe take a minute break during the test, put your head down and take deep breaths? You and I may not have the same cause though.</p>

<p>If you have long hair you can cut it. If it improves your test score it might be worth it. :D</p>

<p>Tylenol. It helped when I had an awful headache during the May SAT.</p>

<p>Same exact problem, my right shoulder starts to hurt.</p>

<p>Last SAT I brought icyhot even though I felt as if it didn't help all it did was make the room smell pepperminty</p>