Need 800 sat ii chemistry

<p>I took Chemistry Honors last year and took the SAT II after the course, scoring a 650, but I barely prepared (2-3 practice tests, barely read review book) and didn't put much effort in the class.</p>

<p>I need advice for the October Chemistry SAT II. What should I do to get an 800?</p>

<p>Go through the book multiple times and take multiple practice tests. There's not much more you can do unless you wanna take some chem thing over the summer.</p>

<p>Princeton Review book? Also, I will be taking an online AP Chemistry course (a full AP course with tests, homework, labs) over the summer that lasts I believe 3 months. It's through some Johns Hopkins CTY program.</p>

<p>Its very hard to guarantee an 800 in Chem as it has a very low curve.</p>

<p>How do you do labs for an online course? O_o</p>

<p>Read through the Princeton Review book. It definitely helped me.</p>

<p>When you're taking the actual test, read the questions carefully (without wasting too much time). It's easy to make stupid mistakes.</p>