need a little help ME/IE


<p>im entering sophomore year as a "general engineering student"
i need to decide which department i want to go for
i have narrowed it down to mechanical and industrial with ambition to get an MBA after..</p>

<p>so my 3 aimed paths are...
1) ME + MBA
2) IE + MBA
3) IE + masters in IE</p>

<p>which path is "most flexible"
..meaning which is better for finding jobs
..but also, which path will allow me to "work where i want"</p>

<p>i currently go to school in a top public school in midwest, but i dont really want to stay in the midwest after college, unless its maybe in Chicago because i love urban-ness..</p>

<p>the thing is, i dont want to be working for someone for a long period of time. I would much rather work for myself. as in start up companies and management... stuff like that.</p>

<p>i get the impression that IE is better for management stuff because they are trained in the overall aspect, where as ME is more on a specified subject. am i wrong?
however, i also hear that an ME can do what an IE can do, but an IE can do what an IE does better... if that makes any sense. Ive read in some threads that if you're lucky, an IE can run other engineers straight out of college, yet they dont get as much respect as a traditional engineering major, such as ME..</p>

<p>i guess ultimately,,
which career choice will allow me the most flexibility in both what I do and where I do it?
not too much to ask i hope? xD</p>

<p>no one runs engineers</p>

<p>IE will give more flexibility in what you do and where you do it, though you will probably never work at such a technical level as a ME would. IE would be more management oriented, process management that is.</p>

<p>Working in startups and mangement is a very vague job aspiration. With that in mind I would definitly get the MBA, since it's a vague degree, and the decide on IE or ME. ME is more technical, i.e. design the machine, where IE is more secreterial, i.e. direct operations.... and I use those descriptors in a very basic sense</p>