Need a new wardrobe

<p>So, I'm getting a new wardrobe soon, getting better clothes. Anyone have any advice for me on what clothes look good? Like fit well?</p>

<p>And what's a good place where I can buy some nice clothes? I prefer online but actual shops (like American Eagle, etc) work as well. I'm about 5'8 by the way, 135 pounds kind of skinny. Not really sure what kind of clothes would look good on me.</p>

I prefer online


I think this is some part of the problem, considering what you've mentioned. Go to a store, try on the clothes, look in the mirror. If you're worried about your ability to tell what looks good, either bring someone or go to a store where the sales assistants will help you, eg: Nordstrom.</p>

<p>are you male or female?</p>

<p>Male. 10char</p>

<p>urban outfitters is where i get my stuff from, or lacoste i am male and i am 5'8 125lbs so i kinda am on the slim side and those are the two stores near me that sell sizes i can fit in</p>

<p>urban outfitters is awesome!!</p>

<p>mmm i'm about the same physique as you. i shop a lot and H&M, Forever XXI, Active Ride Shop, Anchor Blue!</p>

<p>For plain tshirts, I get them mostly at Target or Kohls</p>

<p>yea h&m has really nice stuff plus it's not as pricey</p>

<p>For some ideas of looks you may have not already considered, try looking at some outfits people post on</a> collective fashion consciousness.</p>

<p>It's mostly girls there but there's the occassional guy and they tend to have a pretty good style.</p>

<p>nah dude these guys advice wont help at all.</p>

<p>first you gotta go to diagon alley to pick up your new clothes for school. first go to madam malkins robes for all occasions. depending on what house you are in she will sew an either Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff patch on to the breast of your robes. Dont get them too long as they tend to get annoying in the summer.</p>

<p>get some slacks and acceptable short pants as hogwarts is not changing their policy towards pants. you are allowed sneakers though. also, make sure to get an appropriate sweater vest and collared shirt. dont forget the house tie. hogwarts is a stickler for dress and you will be likely to be docked points from your house if you dont show up appropriately.</p>

<p>some staples for high school:
2 pairs of jeans. one dark, the other can be light or medium depending on what you like
a pair of polos. doesn't matter what color, but preferably white or navy
oxford shirts. white, blue, yellow if you can pull it off
2 pairs of shorts that don't go below your knees. one should be white and the other should be a creamy color but not too dark.
2 pairs of shoes. ones you can slip on easily, vans or sperrys depending on what you like, and a pair of chucks (or jack purcells are even better)
t's without a lot of branding. laugh all you want but on occasion, abercrombie has really soft and good fitting tee's that don't have branding. example: <a href=""&gt;;/a>
a couple v-necks too.</p>